Kevin Durant told Thunder he wasn’t leaving before joining Warriors – Stephen A. | First Take

Kevin Durant told Thunder he wasn’t leaving before joining Warriors – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith shares reports that Kevin Durant did not get along well with Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, leading to KD joining the Brooklyn Nets. Despite Durant’s denial, Stephen A. also reports that KD told Russell Westbrook and other Oklahoma City Thunder teammates that he was staying the night before flying to the Hamptons to join the Warriors back in 2016.

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79 Responses

  1. Papa Joe says:

    Bro Molly didn’t have to say anything lol. SAS was explaining everything so perfectly

    • Suley Man says:

      Papa Joe max was a gentleman and ask the question that she couldn’t articulate for her to get clarification lol

    • Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

      Molly’s question caused SAS to introduce speculation into the story. There is no way SAS or anybody could know the answer about what KD was thinking. The question forced SAS to guess. Before the sidetrack question, SAS was laying down the pure facts, and they all should have just rolled with it.

    • Jay King says:

      @Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this ssh u cant.think logical u have to just hate molly n move on

    • SBelle84 says:

      She butted in for nooooo reason?

  2. weldo delassin says:

    Molly… really.. He literally explained it as simple and straightforward as possible.

  3. Marcelo Soprano says:

    Lavar told ESPN he would never switch gears with anyone until Molly Q asked.

  4. Rulo says:

    Kevin Durant: I ain’t leaving bro

    Westbrook:Don’t worry we will get them next year.
    *The next day*

    News reporter: Kevin Durant has joined the Golden State Warriors.

  5. Osama Binfartin says:

    Man get rid of molly she steady ruining the show exactly why undisputed better

    • Phi4Liphe says:

      @Taz Saalim You are a special kind of clown i see. I never said there was either. I only said it could be and obviously was understood that way by everyone on the panel present that day. Whether he meant it that way or not, we will never know. We only have his word, which can and obviously will be portrayed in a way that attemps to shine the best light on him possible. So in retrospect it really can’t be determined what the actual meaning of his statement was. We just have to take him at his word.

      There is a difference in fact and something that can be misunderstood. lol I see this conversation will go nowhere with you cause you clearly don’t have a good understanding of basic comprehension. But I will try to help you out. A fact is something that can’t be misinterpreted…while a fact can be upsetting or offensive based on the nature of the fact. It can’t be mistaken for something else if that fact is clearly and coherrently explained. So you think his statement “you can switch gears with me anytime” should be considered a fact, since that is what you are addressing right now. LOL you must be slow.

    • Taz Saalim says:

      @Phi4Liphe ???, I never ever not once ever stated that his comment should be taken or is a fact. I was talking about me myself and I stating a fact. Obviously fully read and comprehend what I commented and you want to talk about my comprehension skills. Now onto lavar, when you look at his mannerisms and listen to how he said what he said you can see that there was no sexual undertone. Now they misinterpreted what he said and now we have this fiasco

    • Phi4Liphe says:

      @AKA MR. AKA And how do you come to this conclusion when you don’t know the woman? Thats some lame shit to say.

    • Phi4Liphe says:

      @Taz Saalim Well you stating a fact can’t really be considered a fact when the thing you are referenceing can be interperted to have more than one meaning…lol

      Mannerism, so now you have to have a certain mannerism for your words to taken or understood a certain way. Really? HAHAHAHA So what you are telling me is that as long I don’t stick up my middle finger when I say fuck you, I actually could mean something else cause the mannerism doesnt match the words coming out of my mouth? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA there is a certain thing know as connotation and context that gives more credence to words than mannerism…lol But you don’t get that so I understand…hahahahahahahahahah

    • Phi4Liphe says:

      @Taz Saalim I can tell you what is a fact…it is certainly a fact that everyone on that panel thought he crossed a line. Their mannerisms (since you seem to understand that) made that pretty clear. But you are gonna try to flip it someother way now I guess…lol

  6. Kavi Madan says:

    50% of comments is how disruptive and annoying molly is
    50% of comments is how much of a snake kd is

    • grasshopper plus says:

      And 100% how much of a Bitch u are!

    • elmarce1983 says:

      Thanos would be proud of it

    • grasshopper plus says:

      @elmarce1983 u fucktard fanboy, fuck Thanos, and fuck you dweeb

    • RIC DA FRIC says:

      Exactly!!! They need to just STFU already. Because if you gonna call Durant a snake, you then must call King James a King Fucking Cobra and half the league for that matter.

      And why is this relevant now. The media is pieces of shit!!! Real people with a brain between their ears know that they are always do shit like this to make another player look bad to elevate someone else. Instead of hanging on their every word and believing them from the jump. Ask yourself the question, “Why now?” Why not when it happened 2 years ago. Could it be because Kawhi is about to sign with the Lakers and abandon a championship team, and to take the emphasis off of that. ESPN is a joke. Stephen A., you’re a piece of shit for doing this. No one has to talk to you. Stop sniffing that cocaine.

    • YuAlwaysCMeCommenting? says:

      Guess I haven’t scrolled enough cuz so far it’s 100% Molly complaints.

  7. KilOHchris VegasSlumptKid says:

    Man ??‍♂️ lately i been realizing.. molly kind’ve annoying ?

    • ohmanyourecool says:

      It took you this long to realize it, priss?

    • yuch1102 says:

      You’re a bit on the slow side

    • milesshockdepaul says:

      Rachel is a lot better of a host, she actually can lead the discussions and prompts thought provoking scenarios. Molly has a tie with Jalen and she’s very limited overall with her input due limitations in her knowledge of the game. Of course looks help

    • D W says:

      Sooo, she’s kind have annoying? I’m not sure how to react to that….

  8. t jax says:

    i watch until molly interrupts someone…. ive never got through a whole segments

  9. Ezio77 Himura says:

    Ok molly needs to retire just looking at her and seeing spongebob in real life as a girl??‍♂️??‍♂️

  10. Roy McCoy says:

    It’s funny how SAS literally said “KD doesn’t reach out unless someone says something about him that he doesn’t like” and then KD reaches out to SAS ??

  11. smokeyfreshhh says:

    **THE NEXT DAY**

    **THE NEXT DAY**

  12. Agent.M Tui says:

    SAS talking: I’m listening all ears

    Molly interrupts wa wa wait: Exits video I’m out…..?✌?

  13. Keith Sweat says:

    You know KD sensitive to what ppl say about him he contacted Stephen A during commercial break ??

  14. ChinoCarson says:

    Only way to find out is to hit up Westbrook and confirm from him ??

  15. KnoTheLingo says:

    Storytime with Stephen A
    ****Molly Interrupts****

  16. Sosa Montana says:

    Get Molly out of here before she thinks someone is hitting on her ??‍♂️

  17. I’m so Seriously serious says:

    I loved Russ and kd when they were together even though we couldn’t win in ‘12

  18. C IA says:

    Honestly I didn’t think it was possible but I just lost more respect for Kevin Durant

  19. Hans Orellano says:

    Stephen A must have forgotten about the burner account if thinks KD isn’t sensitive

  20. mr hansen says:

    Sounds like kd is the problem.
    Issues with presti, westbrook, kerr, curry, draymond the list goes on.
    Very interesting to see how him and kyrie will go. Shut up molly

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