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47 Responses

  1. KillaJello says:

    This deadline is absolutely INSANE. With Kyrie, KD, Dlo, Russ and so many more good and great players being moved all at one deadline is ridiculous.

  2. Mittens says:

    NAH MAN NO WAY Kevin got traded, this deadline has been insane!!!! Thanks for giving us all the updates Kenny, you’re a legend 🤝

  3. Jaden B says:

    As a Mavs fan I feel horrible for Doe.. he seriously is one of the most beloved players in Mavs history, a true fan favorite

  4. Rayven says:

    I’m gonna miss the only player ever like nothing else. RIP Mikal Bridges, always a Sun

    • Paxton Faz says:

      People will laugh, but Mikal as a Sun was something else. Every night that man fights his ass off on both ends of the floor. He doesn’t skip a day. He’s dependable.

    • Ginger Allred says:

      @Stratosphere fr ayton don’t even wanna be here

    • Stratosphere says:

      The Suns should’ve traded Ayton instead of Bridges

    • ABU-AAYAN says:

      @Ginger Allred yeah i know but im just 𝗦𝗛𝗢𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗗 that people dont appreciate that 𝗞𝗘𝗩𝗜𝗡 𝗗𝗨𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗧 JOINED THEIR F ING BASKETBALL TEAM

    • Ginger Allred says:

      @ABU-AAYAN lollll, I just loved his energy especially on defense. One of the last players that actually play defense fr, but kd is still kd

  5. JoeyGage says:

    being born and raised in phoenix, it hurts to see somebody like Mikal go. We all REALLY love him out here and he loved us. But KD, please end my 26 years of Phoenix Suns basketball suffering.

  6. sheena dictator says:

    Most insane trade since PG. I literally ran to my Dad and we were both flabbergasted and amazed by this massive trade.

  7. Ismael says:

    That gobert trade looks crazier and crazier by the day 🤣🤣😂😂

    • The One Above Thou says:

      Goburt is not that good anymore, you can call him the man that gets posterized

    • nscr enrique says:

      They were too desperate

    • c dub says:

      I hate my t wolves for this is was so brain dead

    • Baltej Bains says:

      @David Robertson gobert was much worse than KD currently is when minny traded for gobert. And somehow gobert got even worse than he was then and he’s had injuries too. That gobert trade is infinitely worse than this KD trade.

    • Ryan Holzhauer says:

      @Ismael issue is the west playoff race is super deep and they gonna need KD to play a lot of mins to safely get in. If any of them 4 get hurt it’s curtains. Next season they prob gonna clean up the bench and then they gonna be a title contender

  8. Mattuse _ says:

    The amount of support this video gets in such little time just shows how much we love listening to Kenny’s commentary’s frfr

  9. JB the Stoner says:

    The nets are lowkey looking pretty good good now. Starting lineup could be Spencer Dinwiddie, Cam Thomas, Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, and Nic Claxton. Sounds like a team that could definitely cause problems for a few years.

    Edit: Lmao just realized I forgot Ben Simmons 💀

  10. Damon Rosenberg says:

    Huge nets fan here: as you said, acquiring KD, kyrie, harden is something every GM would have done, the process was correct but every possible thing that could go wrong did go wrong, that’s not a fault in process from marks though. Nets can still make the playoffs and be one of the best defensive teams in the league (especially if they make some more trades), and we got a decent haul pick-wise. The best era of nets basketball was the D-Lo, dinwiddie, allen, levert, dancing bench days, and the current roster composition is similar to that. The underdog label suited us well then, and hopefully it will now. Just happy most of the drama is over (and hoping we either trade ben or he remembers who tf he is)

    • Daniel Danielson says:

      Yeah at the very least, we got something out of this in terms of capital rather than results. Sucks man. But Kenny is right. Nets got to wash their hands clean from this ordeal. It’s over. Now let’s wait for baseball season because again, this shit sucks.

    • Dan Sheshe says:

      @the im-rant show casual the fit wasn’t the problem it was injuries

    • Xpert AssassinXP says:

      As a suns fan mikal and cam gonna be so good for your team by far my favorite team in east. I’ll be rooting for you guys

    • the im-rant show says:

      @Baltej Bains i was talking about the harden trade and how we gave up on Jarett Allen and all our pics

    • Nighthawk says:

      Bro i forgot yall still had ben simmons and hes on my fantasy team lol

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