Kevin Durant’s injury could fuel the Rockets’ chase for the No. 1 seed – Max Kellerman | First Take

Kevin Durant’s injury could fuel the Rockets’ chase for the No. 1 seed – Max Kellerman | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman preview the Houston Rockets’ game vs. the Golden State Warriors, who are slated to be without Kevin Durant for the game, and break down and what a win for James Harden and company could mean for Houston heading into the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

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86 Responses

  1. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Arent the nuggets still in 2nd?

  2. kevin mitchell says:

    I guess Stephen A forgot the rockets went into golden state without cp3 and Gordon and beat them ?? but hey as long as iggy is playing the warriors should win right ??

    • Michael D says:

      +asterisk911 Rockets still would have won

    • asterisk911 says:

      +Michael D Then they should have a celebration. It’s nice to would have accomplished things.

    • Michael D says:

      +asterisk911 I’m not saying they should of celebrated “would have” accomplished things but that’s the past & it’s obvious Rockets would of got what they wanted if CP3 was healthy they had the chance…i still believe Rockets can win it all ngl i feel like they got a huge chance,to many ppl are counting out Rockets & overlooking so much stuff that could make them the best & win it all….James Harden will shock alot of people just wait

    • Dennis Gachanja says:

      kevin mitchell They just did!

    • Rushking20 #Cheesehead says:

      kevin mitchell all they need is iggy never forget that they own haren in the playoffs 2-0 even without KD nigg

  3. ShowTimeGaming says:

    Will it also fuel Chris Paul’s hamstring to stay healthy ??

  4. HanSoloDolo says:

    Im not worried about the Warriors at all, Win or loss. They’ve been taking every team’s best shot even the bottom tier teams play them hard if I was the Warriors I would rest Curry, Iggy, and Shaun and have the bench with draymond, klay, and Boogie Cousins play so they can get some rhythm and the bench has playoff type experience, and those other guys can get rest, but hey what do I know I’m not the coach.

    • Dylan Alves says:

      HanSoloDolo They don’t even need a coach tbf

    • RebelRedShirt _ says:

      Kerr is overrated as a coach. And so is phil jackson. Even i could coach gsw and win. Didnt they sweep the finals last year without kerr?

    • Slimv3 .1 says:

      HanSoloDolo dude if they’d rested some starters it would be a huge mistake cause it would show that the warriors are actually intimidated by the Rockets and are very concerned they would lose to them in the finals. Basically they would be conceding defeat before the game even starts lol.

    • Erick Rodriguez says:

      Exactly why ur not the coach you’d have the worst gameplan

    • Omar Usmani says:

      Warriors have professional prude. Heart of a champion. They’re not giving up for anybody. Are you stupid or something?

  5. Michael Cabiles says:

    i think the rockets can beat them now.. Faried is a big help…

  6. Davier Mosby says:

    Houston been on a roll lately??????

  7. Megan Stumpf says:

    pretty sure 14-5 since cp3 returner is pretty good actually ???

  8. Daniel Olivares III says:

    LMFAO @ ESPN for adding my Lakers at an EPIC 11th, 14.5 GB…………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  9. Vonte TheYoungGod says:

    Kevin Durant’s injured = Steph gets to go off?

  10. Derek brousard says:

    Max is back on the rockets bandwagon lol!

  11. ?Gloss&More? says:

    What about when rockets went to oracle n beat them with out Harden ??‍♂️

    • Lavar balld As a muthafucker says:

      The Malay-American Guy I actually wanted him to be DPOY especially getting picked as a second round pick lol

    • Lavar balld As a muthafucker says:

      The Malay-American Guy why you following other people’s bad opinion about the dude? ??

    • Martin Valentine says:

      Anything mentioned by Pinoy people is irrelevant. You people are Bandwagons forever.

    • Lavar balld As a muthafucker says:

      Martin Valentine shut up go back to watching soccer

    • George Foley says:

      Had all those top 5 players but won by ONLY single digits against little old Houston Rockets. The point is that Gs struggled last season to win the conference finals and they are struggling this season to win against Houston. They are the champs we give them that, BUT they have a big hurdle to jump over this season. Houston just not going to let them take it this time. Houston have a very big chip on there shoulders and you can tell.

  12. aka_novio says:

    How is 14-5 Is not that impressive,but 31-11 Is “balling”?

  13. Daniel Tayong says:

    Rockets on fire. I anticipate a rematch in the Conf Finals

  14. tattooed African says:

    “How come your not 17-2” SAS right tho!

  15. Kawhi Leonard's Laugh says:

    The Fact That They Were Somehow Able To Mention The Lakers In This Segment Is Beyond Me CTFU 3:06 (At The Bottom)

  16. goldsoul says:

    Rockets beat them without jh and another game without cp already.

  17. LA Clippers says:

    Go, Rockets. Help my Clippers win the Pacific Division.

  18. Reezy_Bad says:

    14-5 is very impressive in the nba Stephan A

  19. GTR life says:

    Oh no KD is injured Warriors don’t have enough all stars. ?

  20. Jose S Rodriguez says:

    Stephen smith STOP making excuses for golden state…..

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