Kevin Gates – I Got That Dope

Kevin Gates – I Got That Dope

Only The Generals Gon Understand…

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35 Responses

  1. Ted Gotti says:

    Ain’t Talkin OVO Sound Baby Dracs In The Car ???

  2. Content Gods says:

    here before my mom takes my phone back ???‍♂️

  3. Prettyboyap 615 says:

    Here before 50k!! Kevin you speak from the heart ❤️ ?

  4. YFN Memphis says:

    Yall gotta turn up the LIKE BUTTON if you here before 500k !!!!!

  5. DabsAndWoods says:

    Being alone makes you strong
    I don’t need a friend
    Call it what you want
    I got that dope
    Don’t want to be your friend ??

  6. Real Steps says:

    This dude make music that touch my heart. From the slums salute big gates your music keeps me wanting to live ????????

  7. Aaron Garcia says:

    Kevin gates never disappoints always comes with that heat on every track ?

  8. LoveTheHustle TV says:

    I else been rocking with Gates since before “Stranger Than Fiction”


    man who ever sleeping on gates wake UP!

  10. WaV3GoD l says:

    Took a power nap and woke up to this notification. I’m full on CT Fletcher ? ???

  11. dutchindo 121802 says:

    “being alone make you strong, I don’t need a friend”
    A must need bar ‼️?

  12. John Polion says:

    “Being alone makes u ?? I don’t need a friend”

  13. Ruby Persha says:

    being alone make you stronger ion need a fried yes MR GATES ???????

  14. jeremy rockss says:

    5th time I played this I can’t stop listing ????

  15. Reco Watts says:

    This that Old gates sound‼️‼️ REAL DOPE BOY MUSIC

  16. Notorious Gaming says:

    “Said I wouldn’t hustle, Thought I was a CHANGED MAN” ????~gates

  17. J Weather says:

    “I’m not impressed by you at all, so you won’t see me again”

  18. Maronica Brewer says:


  19. Latoya Henry says:

    Who here before 1 million???‍♀️ ?

  20. Danielle R Lauer says:

    Gates just keeps getting better and he started off with the best ?️??️?️?????

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