Kevin Gates – Return Of The Mack

Kevin Gates – Return Of The Mack

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74 Responses

  1. Dylan Kasberg says:

    My workout jam this morning!!

  2. Tina Bradley says:

    Kevin gates saved my life too… I loss 107 lbs working out to his music.. Plz keep putting out banging music bro.. Thx

  3. B0mbshellBri says:

    He said “go find it” and welllll here we are.

  4. Speedy 0609 says:

    ??on repeat until I learn the words?

  5. Gankstars Judgement says:

    The only reason I am able to workout is by listening to Gates while in the gym.

    Dood is a monster

  6. OoWee BJizzle says:

    Kevin Gates is hands down one of the best artist/song writer??

  7. Suicide Gamer says:

    Big Gates got them bars ????#dumbsup if you agree

  8. Tajay Greenwood says:

    Yes sih ( Kevin Gates voice).

    Hit likes if you a gates fan ..

  9. Ric & Cel says:

    “Even ate you on your rag now I got pink diamonds” Gates a freak fr ???

    • James J. McCloud says:

      @Gose OneLike he says “I’m a vampire” lmao, plus dreka fine as hell bro

    • Jay B says:

      James J. McCloud ain’t no bitch bad enough to have a mouth full of blood big dawg

    • Boogie Man says:

      I did tht onces wit out tha diamonds me N my chik whr outa town 2 see her cousin i got drunk ate her out fukt N i tha mornig whn i woke up first i walk N 2 tha livN room on my way 2 tha rest room N her aunt screams N say (tu boca esta sangrando) yr mouth is bleeding my chik woke up ran n 2 me N started laughing her aunt went 2 thr guess room whr we slept N started SCREENING sum more i wus 22 thn 6 years ago N thy still talk about it whn we go over….

    • GCVP says:

      ᴍᴀsᴏɴ 该 Do what again? Lmao, don’t worry about me lame ass

    • GCVP says:

      Vxsion FN nah I’m Muslim myself nigga

  10. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    Who’s else listening and reading others gates fans Comments ????

    Can’t be the only one?

  11. Akeem Brown says:

    Holllllll upppppp GATES ??? I wasn’t ready ? soon as the beat drop my hair line went back ????

  12. Le’Onarrian Toussaint says:

    Notification woke me jumped out my sleep to listen to this bihh??? idgaf I love gates ?

  13. Real Steps says:

    Mane stay dropping that heat for the beat in my trunk ayyyeee ??????shii

  14. TaterHead CuHHH says:

    “Ate u on ya Rag,now I got pink diamonds,I’m a vampire!” N8cca u crazy af!

  15. icecreamman #11 says:

    Gates needs a automatic spot in that ? status. He stay droppin heat.???

  16. Haych Official says:

    Real fans know about this from the ‘unreleased music’ video

  17. Crip52Crazy says:

    *Im’a Giver I got A big Heart I like to Love…But most People Are Lovers of Themselves* Real Spill ?

  18. Jalin Anderson says:

    He changed his flow a little. He’s saying his words smoother

  19. Telv T says:

    Who remembers this from his ig post back in 2018! ??? #loyalty

  20. keith_ noHandoutz says:

    This dude is pressure, he dnt ever dissapoint ??????

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