Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up [Official Audio]

Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up [Official Audio]

Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up
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#KevinGates #StillHoldUp

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72 Responses

  1. Exist6nce says:

    Who ever like this will become a successful millionaire

  2. E. D says:

    I see gates i click no reason to question a damn thing

  3. Dustin Imus says:

    Who was here before a million!? 💪💪

  4. Amir White says:

    Nobody hit them beats better then kevin 😂🖐🏾

  5. Shia Warren says:

    Who else clicked fast asf ?? ❤️❤️

  6. Isaiah Luna says:

    he’s still a king in the rap game . 😤 who agree ?

    • Ryan Elswick says:

      Arion Neal you a lil pump fan😂😂😂😂

    • Thomas Slusher says:

      @Arion Neal who a beast in the game in someone who this gd stupid? Let’s hear your rappers hating ass punk

    • Thomas Slusher says:

      @Arion Neal you the type to say 2 chainz yo gotti yg Cole k dot wayne em Joyner not good and any1 else who been there and done it is you are why the world sucks balls my friend. No1 over the age of 20 counts for some reason even tho they the ones who inspired your goats lmfao man

    • Thomas Slusher says:

      @Arion Neal in the words of Jay z “we was praising billboard but we was young now I look at billboard like is you dumb”

  7. E. D says:

    Damn near forgot i was quarintined hearin this

  8. dartangion walker says:

    Can we get your new songs on Spotify, wetty, Neva land, all that

  9. ypc huncho says:

    If you like this one day in the beginning of may you will find 50,000$

  10. Cookie Cream says:

    This is fire!!! Kevin I love you so much man I’ve been a fan for so long,long enough to know your music and relate to it and because of most your music for example “push it” because of your courage and your confidence it inspired me and because of you and your inspiration I didn’t kill myself I stayed strong. I love you man. Keep up the good work I hope to hear way more of your music love you.❤️👑

  11. Mem B says:

    “Don’t never go look for yourself In somebody else” 💯

  12. Marshonda Donaldson says:

    They sleeping on Kevin Frfr Like if u agree🥺🤍

  13. Jonathan L says:

    “ nominated for the Grammys I went back to jail, racist judge found me guilty sunt me back to hell ”

  14. PVA 4L says:

    “Don’t never go look for yourself inside somebody else, most of em not cut like we cut 💪🏽‼️ #BWA

  15. ChiTownMade David says:

    I want his songs guardian angel and wonderland when are they droppin?

    • D Lew says:

      I don’t understand why an artist would never release a song, I mean if it’s ass then move on to the next not every song gonna b liked by the people

    • ChiTownMade David says:

      @D Lew guardian angel I think is his best unreleased song. But I don’t understand how you can make a song, tease it over and over and just not release it

    • Soldier Of God says:

      ChiTownMade David I don’t know why,I seen a video of him saying it a few months ago,someone on his live said when are you releasing this and he said he does songs that will never be released to the world it’s just therapy songs for him,it’s messed up because all the songs he plays on live are 🔥 dreka picks the songs to be released anyway ☹️

    • TristanShults says:

      Guardian angel has already been released dawg …

    • ChiTownMade David says:

      @TristanShults where? I’m lookin for the official audio

  16. Anthony Dorsey says:

    If You Disliked This Song & Came Down To Read The Comments, You’re a Hater. just thought you should know

  17. Kitty Lillian says:

    Kevin Gates dropping the hardest quarantine bangers! This go in soo hard! KEvin a real trapper, he aint like all these mumble rappin lames out there who just be goin viral by usin *Hipviews* *Com* To get their views up to go viral… naaa he a real talented trapper!

  18. Andre Antoine says:

    “Talk about behind my own family….Built for it tough but I still hold up” Round, I felt dat…Belee Dat💯⚜️💔🖤

  19. Harry Potter says:

    They dont give gates the recognition he should have. He the most underrated when he should be all the way to the top like Kanye and Jay Z

  20. Arthur Voskanyan says:

    At this point, this is insane, everytime he drops a song, it’s literally about my most current struggle/situation that’s been going on in my life and I’m trying to battle with, then his song drops, & it helps me cope with motivation and inspiration. But this has happened atleast for the past 4 singles he dropped. Like how????#BWA #BigWeight #WeCutLikeThat

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