Kevin Gates – Trust (Freestyle) Prod by AXL Beats

Kevin Gates – Trust (Freestyle) Prod by AXL Beats

Kevin Gates –
‘Only The Generals Part II’ OUT NOW!

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50 Responses

  1. SchoolRoadBaby says:

    His progression and his musical talent is unmatched

  2. Tre G says:

    “I grew older, heart got colder, love don’t live here anymore”💔🦅

  3. Breadwinner Promotions says:

    You can’t leave him out of any conversation when talking bout the rap game

  4. 4BredBud says:

    “Nothing’s making sense as of late. That’s how I’m knowing, ima be okay!”

  5. Daren Le says:

    This just a slapper for the real fans that’s waiting until Khaza drops. 🔥

  6. Vanessa Suarez says:

    Something about Kevin voice and how he rides the sound of the beat is so soothing and therapeutic. I can say I play most of Kevin music on repeat and never get sick of them.

  7. Dominic says:

    Everyone on Kayne and drake and I’m just praying gates drops soon!!!!

  8. DigitalTrip says:

    His song always hit the heart. True Bard.

    • T- WATTS says:

      They say I’m the new gates go check me out!

    • LOVE_ RICAxoxo says:

      @T- WATTS Eww! First of all, that’s impossible! & why would you wanna be the “new” anyone? Be yourself. & I guarantee NOBODY says that shit! I hate people who advertise like this. 🚮

  9. A H says:

    Praying his tour dates don’t get cancelled 🙏🏾🙏🏾 only artist I want to see. Period.

    • George Park says:

      @A H ticketmaster told me the artist manager tells the Venue. In this case its the Knitting Factory in Boise Idaho. And masks too. And Kevin and Dreka broke up from what I understand.

    • George Park says:

      Ticketmaster would have sent you an email like a week ago. Look on your email.

    • A H says:

      @George Park it’s venue specific. My venue in MS is not requiring anything at this point. And what does them breaking up have to do with anything? She’s his manager and most likely still involved in his career…

    • A H says:

      @Chrissy Ellenburg I feel you. I’m not taking a test though I’ll gladly wear a mask.

    • George Park says:

      @A H because ticketmaster and the Venue told me the Artists manager is the one who tells the Venue about rule changes for the show. I yeah I’m completely ok with wearing a mask. But I’m not okay with being FORCED to go get vaccinated or tested at a hospital when hospitals are a Hotspot for covid19 right now. My grandfather died of covid19 on Aug 26th. Diagnosed August 16th. They brought in freezer trucks because our funeral home doesn’t have enough spots for all the dead people. I’m in Oregon, I didn’t want to go to Portland for the gates concert so instead I booked for boise. Oh well next time. He dropped a song on his YouTube channel yesterday called “trust”. Check it out

  10. prada says:

    Gates fans literally can feel his music like rod wave fans. it would be crazy if they made more songs

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