Kevin Gates – #Yukatan

Kevin Gates – #Yukatan

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44 Responses

  1. TRAP ADDICT says:

    Flow of the Century! Kevin Gates always delivers that heat! ?????

  2. Leandre Campbell says:

    Perfect way to start my day. Appreciate you for that Gates!

  3. Cameron Clawges says:

    Who here before a million?!????

  4. Temani Barnes says:

    If kevin gates the man you would like this

  5. Artificialo Stylexd says:

    “slim trim like a bicycle rim” lol I remember that line off his IG

  6. Jones Roque says:

    I am the Dominican ??What more support to Kevin gates, Kevin are the best

  7. Rico Banks says:

    He spitting that fire about that work…. Only real hustlers can relate nbs

  8. Dre Chilly says:

    I’m on that moneyman I had to work out in the gym first i was fat now I’m getting real slim! ? ! #shoutoutforshoutout

  9. Savage Azz Mike says:

    Woke scr8 up to some new??? blessed to c anotha 24

  10. Jack Lame says:

    My girl finna be pissed?? another Gates song to keep on replay in the whip???

  11. Deion Taylor says:

    Let me hear gates ain’t cut different, I’ll cut up ??‍♂️?

  12. H-Town Sports Fan says:

    Your music helps get the all the stress off my shoulders, thank you ?!

  13. Skylar Leach says:

    Been listening to gates since i heard make em believe when it first come?keep the work up Gates??

  14. Fydo Escobedo says:

    GATE’S is the real Last Man Standing ? ?

  15. robert williams says:

    You can’t understand the amount of excitement I got when I saw he dropped this keep it up Gates??? ?

  16. Convert Gaming says:

    Been a fan since 2013 your music speaks to me in ways you’ll never understand keep on going ??

    • Live Tru Media says:

      Convert Gaming oh I think he understands perfectly

    • Convert Gaming says:

      Live Tru Media I really hope so sounds crazy to say but his music has saved my life couple times over the years when I’ve been in dark places all I wanna do it meet him but I’m in Canada, one day I’ll make it to America for one of his legendary shows ?

    • Live Tru Media says:

      Convert Gaming yeah he knows what kinda magic he’s putting into his music hes definitely great at it

  17. Angie Newsom says:

    He know I’m that pressure.. He nod out ???

  18. M VO says:

    Gates always speaking to my soul!!!!
    Apple Music better have this ASAP!

  19. Scottie C says:

    Collectively Gates is the Best. Never dissapoints.??

  20. Razvan Oroian says:

    Best rapper in the world for real Yes sir ??‍♂️❤️ Alhamdulillah

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