Kevin Hart and Skip Bayless Go Toe-To-Toe While Topless. Who Looks Better Without A Shirt?

Kevin Hart and Skip Bayless Go Toe-To-Toe While Topless. Who Looks Better Without A Shirt?

Kevin Hart finally makes Skip Bayless uncomfortable in this episode. (It may be due to the chilling debate or that Skip is shirtless in a ice tub, we may never know) Join us as Skip Bayless blames Kevin for the Sixers loss and hear his icy opinions on Lebron James. Both of them can talk for sure! Watch to find out who gets the last word.

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77 Responses

  1. T2 Goat says:

    I seen skip clicked immediately

  2. Stephen A Smith says:

    Yall gotta get me on here next like if you agree

  3. LBJFan 23 says:

    Damn skip jacked to be 74. Look like he can knock me smooth out

  4. James Dehaan says:

    Can you please invite Conor mcgregor to do an episode of cold as ball like if you agree.

  5. Abdou Bokazini says:

    Hell no that i am SKIPping dis.. 😭😂

  6. MrMostear says:

    We need shannon sharpe next.

  7. MrBroosh says:

    Well that’s a weird belly button.

  8. Tobias Kraft says:

    Skip has the weirdest belly button I have ever seen.

  9. Reneire Henderson says:

    Skip from the Hood he run with no shoes👟!!!Pure Comedy!!!!

  10. Jacabo Blanco says:

    I don’t care what y’all think

    Skip is hilarious and sports tv wouldn’t be the same without him

  11. chuckmoney21620 says:

    6:14 wait is he real 😂

  12. DrMario Pepper says:

    My day just got a lot better thanks to the LoL Network 😀👍🙏🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Kevin Cobos says:

    “What in the white man just happened?” lmaooo

  14. Andre L. Vaughn says:

    When your blood pressure just shot up and you’re about to burst “red” kool aid. 5:37 😂😂😂😂

  15. I Write A Song A Day says:

    I’m sure Skip will find some way to hate on Lebron in this video

    • Zaddy Aizen says:

      +Virus Lebron defense went down after he left Miami

    • KennyM says:

      I love Lebron but everything Skip said in this segment is right. Lebron is too nice, even made the team overpay for his mediocre friends – tristan, jr, shumpert, and also right now he is on that James Harden level of defense, basically he just watch guys go by. Dwade also rocking that defense style, but I dont blame him, he lost his kness around 2012.

    • eli pinilla says:

      KennyM that’s what bothers me about the debates and Skip Bayless in general. Yea, he says things from a hater perspective, but its still facts. You cant argue facts with Skip, only the perception and context of them. LBJ has devolved drastically of D and he, historically, has a lower than average free throw % for players of his calibre. People get to stuck in how hes saying it and they miss that hes telling facts.

    • Joe King says:

      I Write A

    • Jessie wallie says:

      And took kinda a wierd shot at him as a husband for some reason????

  16. Victor Torres says:

    This is one of the funniest cold as balls episode i have seen.

  17. Mr Wright says:

    This one was really good. Skip is a master debator.

  18. Brandon Roach-McIntyre says:

    Bro…We NEED MARSHAWN LYNCH in Cold as Balls🚫🧢

  19. Chrollo L says:

    We need LeShannon next to balance out the lebron hate

  20. Uppity Sombitch #SuperVillain says:

    how does skip have an outty and an inny belly button at the same time?

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