Kevin Hart: Dave Chappelle is the GOAT !

Kevin Hart: Dave Chappelle is the GOAT !

Taken from JRE #1480 w/Kevin Hart:

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  1. Eric Schutz says:

    Kevin “the only person that talks more than Rogan” Hart

  2. George Helou says:

    He stood up for more than comedy. He stood up for human dignity. Legend.

  3. BeastMode Delo says:

    I love how Joe Rogan let Kevin Hart talk.

    • WarriorPoet says:

      Joe always lets people talk, he has to, it’s his job. He is not Neil degrasse Tyson

    • Nick Medby says:

      @WarriorPoet not true when it is a guest he dislikes before they go live. It’s the best and worst thing about him. If he dislikes you you’ll be lucky to string two sentences together. If he DOES like you, you get the stage so to speak.

    • X3MA says:

      He’s had thousands of hours of conversations, where for the most part is him talking, or him letting the guest ramble.
      But he’s occasionally interrupted guests before, and for some god awful reason, that’s all a certain group of people remembers.

    • NYCrackBaby207 says:

      Exactly I think he respects the intellect of Kevin more than most comedian cuz tbh joe ain’t at his level

    • Stephen Hurd says:

      He can’t stop him, or catch him to choke him out. You ev6try to catch a scared little black dude? HOLY FUCK!

  4. Bullshot Darts says:

    The blind black KKK member is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

    • Siasam’s Game says:

      Bullshot Darts you really love darts

    • Siasam’s Game says:


    • John Karavitis says:

      I’m contributing a chapter to the upcoming “Dave Chappelle and Philosophy” based on this skit.

    • Monstar A says:

      @Alim Kinte Cause Dave didn’t make fun of white people, Asians, Hispanic, homosexuals, etc? And still doing the same when he came back.

    • Monstar A says:

      @Alim Kinte He also said stuff like, and had other various reasons why he said he left…but hey, pick just one and stick with that as the absolute truth, ignore the rest 🙂 Ignore that he told Ophrah that he felt that his talents was being used to make other people rich, which is in line with what he said to Gayle King, David Letterman and others.
      BTW, this is what he actually said to Ophrah (besides his talents being used to make others rich): Dave Chappelle opened up about a particular sketch that was the last straw for him claiming he felt “socially irresponsible” for how he was depicting race. The sketch was about a pixie in blackface and Dave referred to it as “visual personification of the n-word.” He went on to explain:

      “There was a good-spirited intention behind it, so then when I’m on the set, and we’re finally taping the sketch, somebody on the set [who] was white laughed in such a way—I know the difference of people laughing with me and people laughing at me—and it was the first time I had ever gotten a laugh that I was uncomfortable with. Not just uncomfortable, but like, should I fire this person?””

  5. Pumpkin King says:

    When you hear someone just praising someone else like that, it just gives you faith in humanity again

    • I don't mean to be rude im just blunt says:

      Faith of what?

    • marlygee1 says:

      People being decent? Not hating, I guess! Hart be doing some numbers but he recognises the realness in a showbiz world where everything is superficial.

    • Logan Dean says:

      Really? A mega multi super duper dollaranaire saying some shit is all it takes?

    • Saudade says:


    • Tammy D says:

      Seriously though, you’re right. Faith in humanity. People just don’t applaud each other anymore. Today it’s more like the shit in these comments right now. People ripping into you just for having an opinion. This interview is a nice change-even if the change is only for eleven minutes and fifty-four seconds. LOL.

  6. Dog says:

    7:00 imagine going to the comedy cellar when Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Chappelle all perform for free lmao

  7. Big Brain Alert! says:

    Props to Dave for staying true to himself and comedy

    • Shahid Ilyas says:

      Oohh shit 420 noice 🏆

    • ADARSH P says:


    • Emily Rose says:

      Yeah and honestly not props to Kevin Hart. He was exactly like Chappelle said in is special. He cancelled himself from his dream to host the Oscars, he then went on every talk show to apologize for a joke that was OK back then and should still be OK now. NOW after Chapelle did what he and all others do not have the balls for he goes on JRE to FINALLY denounce cancel culture, after everyone slowed down, after Dave showed him that one can survive …

    • Micah Fischer says:

      @Emily Rose Very true but my favorite un-pc comic Anthony Jeselnik is just completely unapologetic as well.

    • Hashir Wani says:

      What did Dave Chappelle do


    Dave Chappelle is just… something else. (That’s a good thing)

  9. savage_turbot says:

    “Hes like a character inna book” – perfect description of a perfect comic

  10. Halfdollar 86 says:

    The Chappelle Show was the GREATEST comedy skit show ever.

  11. ibrokethefunny says:

    When I watch one Mr. Chappelle’s specials I smile and laugh so genuinely that I learn something new about myself. Comedy in the purest form.

  12. Erod Rod says:

    When legends talk about you being a legend, now that is special.

    • xoxoxoxoxc says:

      Kevin ain’t no legend

    • Perico Pinero says:

      People in this comment section are really defending the Kartrashians? Kim’s claim to fame is a sextape. Without it she’s just another IG model. Kev actually put the work in and has been grinding in comedy/movies for damn near 2 decades.

    • K3L says:

      @farlon muentes what gives a person legend status to you then?

    • farlon muentes says:

      @K3L certainly not money or awards. Here’s an example. Martin scorsese’s net worth isn’t even half of what michael bay has but does michael bay make better movies than scorsese? Most of Michael bay movies are hit or miss especially the transformers franchise while scorsese movies are being praised because of how it is made. Even his old movies will still hold up to this day and he is called a legend in movie making industry.

    • TW says:

      @farlon muentes either way when it comes to directing for special effects and set pieces Michael Bay is indeed a legend

  13. Alex Burton says:

    Joe talks about Dave like he’s the avatar. But tbh he might aswell be.

  14. Erik Martinez says:

    Kevin just poured out his love and admiration for Dave. Much love and respect for Dave and Kevin. Real recognize real.

    • NYCrackBaby207 says:

      I love the respect. That’s y I believe Dave and Kevin are closer than joe and Dave cuz they both always acknowledge each other

  15. Datmahseh Entertainment says:

    Dave Chappell is a living legend. His level is untouchable he’s above Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence above all the rest

  16. The Watcher says:

    This is what we need to see. In a world where everyone is just attacking eachother and we’re losing legends left and right we need people to just show praise and respect the greats while they’re still here to hear it.

  17. Brett Spivey says:

    I agree his last special may have been the greatest and most important standup ever

  18. HAL 9000 says:

    I’m calling it, when Joe Rogan’s does his “world premiere” or first taping on Spotify, his first guest is Dave Chappelle!

    • dcsmokedown 91 says:

      @Anthony S spotify has ads? I use it to listen to one podcast and they have their own in house ads they read out[like joe at the end of his audio cast, not 100% sure with video] but I mean if it gives him more freedom and better guests. Then that’s a win in the long run. Jus shitty for now

    • Andrei Robos says:

      It would be legendary & an even greater incentive for spotify to support JRE.

    • Nic Nic says:

      Jesus Christ himself

    • D San says:

      @Anthony S I believe spotofy doesn’t post ads on podcasts even on the free version. Joe might just plug their sponsors in before or after the show just like in YT.

    • Tien9330 says:

      Would be dope if he does

  19. Jonas Boles says:

    “Dave, in my opinion, you’re the goat”
    Kevin Hart 2020

  20. Carlo DiVirgilio says:

    The “cancel culture”, the “it’s cool to be offended” culture…. is cancer.

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