Kevin Hart Donates $25,000 To Hurricane Harvey Victims, Challenges Other Celebrities To Do the Same

Kevin Hart Donates $25,000 To Hurricane Harvey Victims, Challenges Other Celebrities To Do the Same

Comedian Kevin Hart took to Instagram to offer financial support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. He announced he’s donating $25,000 and encouraged other celebrities to do the same.

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20 Responses

  1. Futurescped says:

    Kevin Hart buys $25,000 worth of publicity

  2. A D says:

    Don’t give it to the Red Cross! *Google: Red Cross Haiti*

  3. Marcus Justice says:

    You know we don’t need cable television anymore right? We have the Internet. Getting rid of television would lower the cost of products by half maybe due to millions paid for commercials.

  4. Glorious E says:


  5. Master of Mashup says:

    Look 25k is a nice chunk of cash, but come on Kevin. You spend more than that in one night of partying with friends. Dig deeper, who cares about how racist that state is in a time like this. 100k is your drop, Jay and Beyonce can do 500k. Senfield can do a Milli.

  6. Dean Dopson says:

    What are wonderful thing for him to do. The Lord will bless him for his kindness . And we can certainly use any help we can get around here . Harvey isn’t done with us yet . It’s still raining in this area .

  7. Chris Larusso says:

    I mean its his money but seems kinda low compared to a lot of guys with less money who chipped in.

  8. TehJew22 says:

    Thank you, Kevin. 🙂

  9. ONE says:

    “hey everyone! i’m a good person okay! look at me i’m donating stuff..”

  10. Shiro McFeely says:

    Should’ve challenged Bill Gates. He could share some money….

  11. Luis Romero says:

    thats it?! you make millions and only donate 25,000? lmfao!

  12. Helionova15 says:

    Kevin made like 90 million last year. 25000 is around .00027% of his annual earnings so for a regular person who makes like 50k a year this is about 14 bucks. Quite generous.

  13. Jorge Rodriguez says:

    Just 25,000 really dude. Ur a millionaire and all u give is 25,000..

  14. Liberty309 says:

    3x’s more rain than KATRINA, WOW !!!

  15. Otto Nichols says:

    Kevin Hart has real heart. Even if this is partly for publicity. That’s $25,000 out of his pocket. That’s more than you or I could put to the cause.

  16. Jordan Ugarte says:

    He gave something stop whining

  17. EEZY XD says:

    y’all keep saying “he makes millions, thats all he’s giving” stfu, yall lucky that your getting 25,000. better than nothing you spoiled idiots.. and plus he challenged other people so the money will add up..stfu

  18. Philomena Vann says:

    How do y’all not know if Kevin has giving more to other charities? $25,000 is a blessing.

  19. Vikushu says:

    Now watch as people try to find ways to discredit him somehow. Stop being so cynical.

  20. Destany Clay-Pinckney says:

    Mr. Hart I would like to thank not only you but your wife as well, cause when you become married you become as one ( since you speak about the Lord and giving him thanks I only thought it to be not only respectful but honorable). We live in Corpus Christi and my uncle is working around the clock as a constable in Houston to ensure safety. Even if you donated $100.00, that would have been generous sir. Many people are arguing about how much you gave, but I don’t see them donating at all nor even being grateful. From a fellow believer / worshiper in the Lord, Thank you my brother and sister in Christ. Have a blessed day and may the good Lord continue to smile down on you and your family.

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