Kevin Hart On “What The Fit” & Sumo Wrestling With Conan – CONAN on TBS

Kevin Hart On “What The Fit” & Sumo Wrestling With Conan – CONAN on TBS

For Kevin, the funniest part of his new YouTube series is when Conan takes his shirt off to reveal his insanely white chest.

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93 Responses

  1. Brett Staude says:

    Conan lookin like Kylo without his shirt

  2. SxC97 says:

    *Conan takes off his shirt*

    • SxC97 says:

      +Tia Moore lol, take it easy. It’s a reference to a DBZ technique where Yamaha, Tien, Krillen, Goku, Gohan, and Roshi would reflect the suns light with their ki to blind their opponents. I though it was fitting considering this video revolved around them fighting in Japan.

    • Tia Moore says:

      SxC97 and what was the light?
      Racist and hypocritical

    • Nissin CupNoodles says:

      Tia Moore good Lord chill

  3. W Chandra says:

    why is him being so white funny?

  4. Wesley Gilmore says:

    kevins pretty black

    • Uppity Sombitch #SuperVillain says:

      TypicalMillennial thanks man, coming from you, that means a lot.

    • Blue Bird says:

      Uppity Sombitch #SuperVillain it’s “ok” to be “black”

    • Uppity Sombitch #SuperVillain says:

      Blue Bird I’d agree. it is just “ok” being “black”, but it’s *spectacular* being this *human with brown skin and features that are prevalent in other humans who are typed to have originated in sub-saharan africa, with this genetic predisposition towards athleticism and artistry* …but sure, “it’s ok to be black” saves a little time.

  5. Samuel Ralte says:

    Here in 10 minutes.

    Wenger out

  6. Struggle Drax says:

    i see Kevin Hart i click.
    I see Kevin Hart and Conan – i turn into Ussain Bolt

  7. manhenk says:

    Ebony and Ivory

  8. Hammad Ali says:

    I love it when Conan does remotes in general and it’s even better when he does it with Kevin Hart. They have a great dynamic.

  9. anne smith says:

    Kevin looking like a large baby in that sumo diaper 😂👶🏿

  10. Kickex Silver says:

    He really isn’t ”that” funny.
    Feels like he’s struggling this whole interview.

    • Trapinnewyork44 says:

      Kickex Silver oh shut up 😑

    • Fun Guy says:

      Kevin Hart’s humor (such as it is), is pretty one-note and always feels unnaturally “forced”. He’s no Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock, that’s for sure. He is dwarfed in comparison in many ways (not only physically).

    • 1234567 _ says:

      Fun Guy so is that why he’s getting interviewed on Conan? Or why he is one of the highest paid comedians of all time?

    • TinTin says:

      Because he had a few movies that were funny at the time but now are getting old. That happens in comedy, a style is semi funny and then gets old. Some comedians can change and adapt and some just stay exactly the same

    • barry 234 says:

      Fun Guy chris rock is far from funny lol,chris rock is in the same level as kevin hart

  11. CptMikeTango says:

    it’s so black, it’s so black!

  12. GuniPlays says:

    Kevin and Conan are just like peanut butter and jelly 😀

  13. Dr. Mando says:

    Conan built like Kylo Ren

  14. Beef Jerkingz says:

    Hart isn’t funny anymore…

  15. wuhoo life says:

    Conan should host Oscars.

  16. saurabh jainth says:

    I mean i have seen shades of dark…but kevin is like he took a dip in a coal tar

  17. Tim Davies says:

    Haha oh the white people in the comments getting offended by Kevin Hart are even funnier than the video

  18. aaaaammmmmyyyyyy says:

    Lol look at all the people offended by kevins joke that theyre saying how black he is, sigh

  19. Hammad Ali says:

    Conan is all legs, his upper body is way small in proportion to his legs.

  20. Wolkify says:

    damn, these two together are such a great comedic duo! i wish they had a regular show 😂then again, conan has a talent to make anyone funny… i wish i had a partner like him on my channel

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