Kevin Hart Presents the MVP Award! | 2018 NFL Honors

Kevin Hart Presents the MVP Award! | 2018 NFL Honors

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, wins the MVP award for the 2017 NFL season!

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102 Responses

  1. Pericles Iaueh Da Silva says:


  2. Alexandar Mintchev says:

    GOAT 🐐🐐🐐

  3. a small gumby says:

    Kevin Hart is a hall of famer, guaranteed.

  4. Kelvin Bencosme says:

    These salty comments are really helping the taste of my fries.

  5. Jose Pagan says:

    Y’all in the comments can’t respect each other can you? Whether you think he deserved mvp is your opinion- don’t argue with someone else about it smh. That also goes for your super bowl predictions

  6. Sid Games says:

    All the comments are just gonna be salty Eagles fans

  7. sparsh saraiya says:

    Im Suprised Russell Wilson isnt on this.

  8. Brie Lombardo says:

    Tom deserve it😍😘😃

  9. Noah Freitas says:

    If Wentz missed 3 games and still deserved MVP, then people shouldn’t have discounted Brady last season for missing 4.

  10. Glib Boy says:

    bruh nobody laughed at kevin hart lmao corny ass

  11. HOFxBoards says:

    Funny how Russell Wilson wasn’t even a candidate considering his whole team was injured and he still managed to get them a winning season.

  12. Greg Nicks says:

    Why is this dude wearing dark sunglasses in a dark room lol

  13. d law says:

    Kevin Hart is unworthy of presenting this award to Tom. A Bozo…

  14. Brian Charron says:

    Cracks me up so many snapperheads are upset over Brady winning. Do you think that he gives two shits about being league MVP? He cares more about a bigger prize, fools!

  15. Joseph Stevenson says:

    Not a Brady fan but while everyone calls him a cheater and get so upset with him, he’s throwing TDs and winning MVPs while the person you wanted to win didn’t. What sad lives people live

    • DiabloSpiritus says:

      Mr. Krabs
      The Giants can’t count on luck and flukiness every year. They actually will have to be good and consistent for once.

    • Mr. Krabs says:

      They don’t really rely on luck, I’d say it’s just our trashy ass coaches. Sometimes, yeah. But ever since Coughlin was gone our team has been struggling just a little bit, besides Mcadipshit’s first year.

    • DiabloSpiritus says:

      Mr. Krabs
      Even though I admit McAdoo wasn’t a great coach, I also gotta be fair, and point out that in the last 3 years of Coughlin and the Giants, they were struggling bad as well.

    • Neal Roy says:

      Manning’s a joke compared to Brady. Brady actually shows up in big games.

  16. Jason Matthews says:

    Whoever says that this man didn’t deserve MVP is really stupid

    • Jason Matthews says:

      Liofa It’s not even an opinion. He is statistically the MVP as well. I’m calling the people that decide to disagree with statistics stupid. He broke the record for the most victories by a QB ever, led the league in passing yards, and led his team to consecutive championships. Hell, he lost his #1 receiver in the preseason and his most reliable target is a TE. The patriots entire offense is built around Brady, which is why they’re so successful. He is able to do all of these things at the age of 40, people like Brett Favre are looking at him as if he doesn’t age. Unlike the eagles, the Pats wouldn’t be able to do anything without their starting quarterback. Do we need to mention that he is undoubtedly one of the greatest comeback players ever? And he proved that in his most recent win against the best defense in the league.

    • Jason Matthews says:

      Thee Surge So does every team in the NFL, what’s your point?

    • Jason Matthews says:

      Budd Spriggs Jesus Christ you’re really stupid lmao

    • MiniHotKickers HD says:

      Jason Matthews have u seen Todd Gurley Brady just has good wife reicevers the rams were 3 and 13 now with Todd they went to the playoffs

    • hbk showstopper says:

      Budd Spriggs what did he do that Brady didn’t I don’t think he broke records this year like Brady did

  17. Kayla Valdellon says:

    Kevin Hart is so short that it makes Edelman look tall😂😂

  18. Eddie Cardwell says:

    That dead silence during Kevin Hart’s speech. lol.

  19. Lavar Ball says:


  20. WOOJONG says:

    Why isn’t the NFL showing Benjamin Watson’s speech?

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