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Go see Kevin Hart: What Now?
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This was all in good fun. Don’t get upset I love all of these channels. I have a sense of humor thats why I had him even roast me.

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20 Responses

  1. DRC1199 says:

    Anyone else catch the first time he uploaded it?

  2. GinjaNinja37 says:

    What’s up with Kevin Hart being in so many YouTube videos lately? I’m not
    complaining lol

  3. Beausce says:

    Stop teasing with the pictures of you and Jeana in Hawaii! I’m not
    emotionally stable enough for thisss ??

  4. dreaaa37 says:

    It’s because of Kevin Hart that JENNA SHAVED HER EYEBROWS!!!

  5. DashieXP says:

    Okay Kevin… I see you! ?

  6. julhippo says:

    HAHAHA LOVE IT if anyone gets offended they need a sense of humor

  7. Jack Hess says:

    Like or get attacked by a clown later tonight!
    Sub: Millionaire and family stays healthy (:

    haha (;

  8. Randell Hicks says:

    Only OG YouTube viewers will remember what 301 means!!!?

  9. Ethan Toms says:

    Congrats on 10 mil!! I wonder who gets the diamond playbutton…

  10. Harambe says:

    when he roast the rock i was dying lol thick neck bastard deadass

  11. Exploring With Josh says:

    lol when he roasted the rock I was dyinggggg

  12. Hooked on Gaming says:

    I only clicked on this video because of Kevin

  13. Shredding Stuff says:

    Wish Jesse and Jeana get back together

  14. emily blunt says:

    Water went down the wrong pipe I laughed so hard when she mentioned jenna
    marble’s eyebrows

  15. Joel Moreal says:

    he should’ve roasted ricegum!!!

  16. Rasool Mustafa says:

    im ready for the “hey guys its scarce here”


    Kevin is the king of roasting anybody at all??

  18. AdamVoaklander says:

    I only clicked because I saw Roman’s face, the power of clickbait.

  19. kj cook says:

    No offense bro cause I love your new stuff but it’s not the same without

  20. Drak uWolf says:

    So much better than FouseyTube’s collab. Kevin hart was so bored in there
    and there was no chemistry. You can tell Kevin is enjoying himself in this
    video, respect.