Kevin Hart Saved Lady Gaga’s Life!

Kevin Hart Saved Lady Gaga’s Life!

The hilarious Kevin Hart told Ellen the heroic tale of saving Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes, and spilled some details on his upcoming wedding!

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19 Responses

  1. Akeira says:

    He’s sooooo funny
    “you’re making the heat reach me faster” XDD

  2. Owl Han says:

    Here comes the bride ba ba bride hahahahhahahahahahahaha

  3. mypetlesbian says:

    “One of my biggest fears is that my son will be gay.” – Kevin Hart

  4. Rpp Wing says:


  5. keanu Romero says:

    August 8 is my birthday. Cool

  6. CupCakeMasterz says:

    That’s my bday

  7. Alajah Gaines says:

    LOL love your shows

  8. Josten Espinoza says:

    Does Kevin know she’s lesbian

  9. Clap Forboobies says:

    Who is this little ugly boy that the black dude is talking to?

  10. Peñuñuri fitness says:

    Kevin is so funny :)

  11. Preparation H says:

    Kevin won’t be laughing when he divorce the gold digger, he is going to

  12. Angeline Ang (Angabean) says:

    Hah! Hilarious as always Kevin!

  13. Congradulations Fam says:

    He looks like chris paul from the side

  14. Tom Van says:

    Did no one catch the “take my talents to south beach line”.? Lol

  15. Jose Blanco says:

    Those muscle UPS are Meh

  16. Kylo Ren says: Han Solo can’t save you. Traitor!!!

  17. Ryan Jones says:

    It feels so bidder season, the government compliant. The truth be treason,
    I left my fair behind me. Speak my mind. As far as we go far, we wont be
    forgotten. The ashes will soon pile up, just to prove we’re finally done.

  18. Monroe Don't waste my Time on how stupid you are says:

    No comment about the title.

  19. Yi Xuan Kam says:

    Kevin’s getting married on my birthday.