Kevin Hart Speaks On Bill Cosby, Bill Maher & That Time He Almost Became A Stripper

Kevin Hart Speaks On Bill Cosby, Bill Maher & That Time He Almost Became A Stripper

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20 Responses

  1. Eric Smith says:

    Kev is the best story teller ever 😂

  2. DeAndre Fuentes says:

    the safe negro ; always smiling.

  3. Javian Johnson says:

    Kevin Hart really might be the hardest working man in Hollywood. When is this guy never filming or have a movie coming out?

  4. Marrow Morrison says:

    Good morning black brothers and sisters. We have to be extra careful on the streets from here in on due to the uprise in gun related violence and terrorist like activities. Be very observant of your surroundings, always look behind you for any suspicious activities, and be abreast of the news. If you don’t have to go out, DON’T. It’s a shame, but as ppl of colour, we have to do what we have to to survive, our ancestors have done it before, so we must continue this trend. I love y’all, be safe out here, please take care ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #blackways

  5. lala omar says:

    Kevin harts always promoting 😂

  6. willemdee says:

    Kevin Hart been playing the same character in every movie for years.

  7. BlackK GMS says:

    Kevin Hart said on Stephen Colbert “I told my kids to never do drugs but if they do, do em wit Snoop” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. JZA with a J says:

    His interviews are better than his stand up

  9. Way Leyva says:

    he’s a real nigga,,, he actually bought dem the chairs like he said in his last interview righteous

  10. Rip Bg says:

    His hustle is strong but this guy is not funny like that same ol shit get old.

  11. TJ The 90s KID says:

    He sound tired. He been working hard


    Rip the Goat Patrice Oneal , still listen to the Black Philip show to this day.

  13. jcanthony16 says:

    Whether you think Kevin is funny or not you gotta respect his hustle. He’s always making big moves

  14. Freddy Mac says:

    He gave away majority of the good stories from the book during the interview. Probably not the best promotion method

  15. Mister Randy Watson says:

    bruh came a long way from Paper Soldiers

  16. Isaiah McBride says:

    This mans drive is insane. I wish I could get on his level of ambition and desire

  17. Polite Mike says:

    All Kev does is grind and mind his business, he deserves all the success he gets

  18. D'Angelo Smith says:

    Definitely gonna cop his book. I think Charlamagne finally came to terms with the fact he can’t come for Kev with any negativity lol

  19. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM says:

    MORE HERE ►►►

  20. ___ says:

    Y’all some lame dudes. Always hating on another man grind. I love too see another brother or sister make something out of themselves. And living up too their potential and beyond.

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