Kevin Hart Takes Lamar Odom To A Happy Place That’s Cold As Balls

Kevin Hart Takes Lamar Odom To A Happy Place That’s Cold As Balls

Kevin Hart and Lamar Odom get very very deep in the icy cold tubs. Lamar talks about his struggle with anxiety, surviving strokes and heart attacks and finally finding his happy place.

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31 Responses

  1. Jrrhhd Banks says:

    How he diss the Sixers like that? Lmao

  2. Alex Keys says:

    That moment when the Interview turned serious…dayum

  3. Maly Mal says:

    I’m happy they got this out the way on the 1st episode cause this was more serious than funny he lost a daughter dealt with addiction etc

  4. ncA&Tstate says:

    He’s able to speak perfectly clear after 12 strokes. Wow. Blessed.

  5. Robert Mcdowell says:

    Jesus Christ was with lamar carring him thru his mess

  6. Emily Crawlle says:

    He look healthy off drugs. Keep it up lamar.

  7. antar riggs says:

    Kevin Hart came along way from Paper Soldiers #Classic

  8. Keke says:

    Don’t judge me ’til you walk around in my shoes #PREACH

  9. Earl _ says:

    This guy deserves a lot

  10. Ashton Hooper says:

    This interview got real serious real quick. Shoutout to Lamar Odom man. He overcame a lot man.

  11. dion mitchell says:

    “me and Kobe got an Oscar you got an Oscar?” 😂

  12. xx xx says:

    This is the best one yet. I love this show.

  13. Jack Michens says:

    Lamar is such an inspiration!

  14. Bleh says:

    *”19 and 16….and one in heaven”* that bit got me 😭

  15. Slomo says:

    This is such a great series lol

  16. Boll Ball says:

    lamar should be in BIG 3…

  17. Andre L. Vaughn says:

    Blessings to LO and his recovery 💯

  18. aMUSEing thoughts says:

    Say what you want about Lamar but the man is a blessing to be able to still be in amazing shape after all of those strokes.. God is so good! 🙏🏾

  19. CJKnowsTECH says:

    Great show

  20. 1000 subs No vid challenge says:


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