Kevin Love Shows Off NBA Championship Trophy

Kevin Love Shows Off NBA Championship Trophy

Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love shows Stephen the NBA Championship trophy and says it’s best to stay away from Draymond Green.

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20 Responses

  1. Bill Cooper says:

    Well deserved Mr. Kevin Love, you’re a world champion and that’s all that
    needs to be said!

  2. JOJO 23 says:

    He was huge in game 7. 9 pts, 14 reb, including the defense on curry
    towards the end.

  3. Hossam Sayed says:

    0:39 what does the person in the audience say?

  4. behinderteleberwurst says:

    >I don’t know how to answer that
    How about with a non-rehearsed answer.

  5. Untitled says:

    Go Cavs!!! O-H-I-O!!!

  6. Wei Wu says:

    my boy kevin

  7. Archus88 says:

    Warriors were historic in every sense of the term this season. Historic
    regular season record, historic finals meltdown

  8. Roberto Hernandez says:

    Tbh I hated kevin love for most of the finals but he got a lotta boards and
    timely buckets along with great defense in game 7 so he came up big when he
    had to

  9. Lando Lando says:

    Broad definition of the word “help” in games 1-6. (I know he did a great
    job in game 7…)

  10. Ojc _10 says:

    ??????excellent BALL HANDLING

  11. Bob Smith says:

    Kevin Love is more afraid of Kelly Olynyk than Draymond Green

  12. Stephen Carmickle says:

    I personally believe the Bogut injury had a bigger impact than people
    think. I was rooting for the warriors and when I saw Bogut go down all hope
    was drained from me. He had 4 blocks in the first quarter of one of the
    games and can give you a double double, he aint useless out there. Oh well
    congrats to Cleveland.

  13. Kirk Henlon says:

    Cleveland will not repeat without this guy!

  14. Cafe Caram says:

    world champion? world champion of what? did he get that title in a world
    wide contest?

  15. Zurcnation49 says:

    we have to remember Kevin love did nothing

  16. Jeff Smith says:

    For those saying Kevin Love was useless to the Cavs and had a horrible
    performance clearly don’t watch basketball. Kevin Love had a subpar
    performance by his standards, yes, but lets take a look at his game by game

    Game 1: 17 points and 13 rebounds. Very solid performance, but of course
    they lost so he gets no credit for showing up while other Cavs players

    Game 2: Suffers a concussion, and leaves the game.

    Game 3: Had a concussion, but because they blew out the Warriors, the
    assumption is they’re better without him, when during the regular season
    and playoffs they have been better with him on the court in every
    statistical way both offensively and defensively. That win was due to the
    Cavaliers actually showing up to play, them being back at home, and the
    Warriors lacking any form of energy possible.

    Game 4: Sacrifices his starting role for the team, and comes off the bench
    to deliver 11 points and 5 rebounds, which is solid considering his role
    off the bench.

    Game 5: Kyrie and Lebron take over the game with 82 points total, and Kevin
    Love only gets 5 shots in the whole game. He sacrificed his shots, didn’t
    ask for the ball in the post, or interfere as you do when two of your
    teammates are that on point.

    Game 6: Get’s into foul trouble due to some bogus calls made against him.
    Played only 11 minutes, but everyone ignores that and only looks at the 7
    points he scored. Not seeing how aggressive he was on both ends from the
    start and one could make the case that had he not been in foul trouble he
    would’ve had a great game.

    Game 7: 9 points, 14 rebounds. Yes he didn’t score as much, but he didn’t
    need to this game. He couldn’t for much of the series in fact, because he
    was getting double nearly every time he posted up and did the right thing
    by passing out instead of forcing bad shots. He was aggressive on both
    ends, the glass, and had a huge defensive play on a dancing curry who makes
    opposing guards look bad with those moves. Huge game by him.

  17. Aliana Wood says:

    4:24 ? ? ?

  18. Shoeless Brian says:

    I…I dont think the DL is a basketball thing Stephen.

  19. ihurricane7 says:

    Jon Baptiste is by far the worst musical host in all of late night shows

  20. lil'tyrone, aka Yung Javier, aka papi chulo says:

    I saw that trophy in person at the parade