Kevin McCarthy confronts Matt Gaetz

Kevin McCarthy confronts Matt Gaetz

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) confronts Matt Gaetz (R-FL) during 14th House Speaker vote. Gaetz had just voted “present.” #118thCongress

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43 Responses

  1. DefiKids says:

    Dramatic history going down in front of our eyes. The people never could have really imagined what goes on inside these doors if we didn’t all pull together have access.

  2. HP says:

    Kevin learns the obstruction game isn’t as fun as he once thought

  3. mayorofsiliconvalley says:

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    • KingDavid says:

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    I believe you are the only network that caught this moment. I thought the entire thing would be scrubbed but here it is in a snippet.

  5. Pat Needham says:

    Last week McCarthy thought this would be the best week of his life…

  6. Cody Goin says:

    Unbelievable! It’s like watching an episode of the People’s Court only without a judge or jury to rule on the case.

  7. Anthony Garcia says:

    We need a full lip reading on this video

  8. Pete S says:

    Would have loved to have been able to hear that exchange.

    • Pete S says:

      @Gerardo Daniel Molina Rodriguez Wouldn’t be surprised. I would tell McCarthy the country is finished and when the $100 trillion in derivative loans come due later this year the world will see the greatest economic implosion ever.

    • Gerardo Daniel Molina Rodriguez says:

      McCarthy said to Gaetz “Your career is finished”

    • Lexington & Concord says:

      Tell Jomboy to get on it 😅
      He did a political clip due to requests

  9. David Lether says:

    Too bad Kevin doesn’t fight this hard for the people.

    • Joe F says:

      Could you imagine if he did? They would not have just passed a 1.7 trillion pork barrel bill a few weeks ago, 300 a day would not be dying from fetanyl crossing our southern border and he would have had 250 Republicans in the house not 222, and so much more.

    • Brian Johnson says:

      Pure drama for the camera

    • deborah Yunker says:

      Well maybe this put the fire up underneath his ass no one he has 20 people who are not messing around cuz they won’t get anything past without these 20 people

    • John Argus says:

      Unlike silver spoon Matt Gaetz the pedophile?

    • John Duncan says:

      The GOP are obstructionists. They proved it here.

  10. Prophet Eyebert says:

    “You should vote for me because I deserve it, dammit”

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