Kevin O’Connell’s Locker Room Speech After the Minnesota Vikings Win Over the Washington Commanders

Kevin O’Connell’s Locker Room Speech After the Minnesota Vikings Win Over the Washington Commanders

Watch Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell’s locker room speech after the Week 9 win over the Washington Commanders.

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49 Responses

  1. george petree says:

    Whatever happens this year, happens. The vibe this team has, the chemistry, having each other’s backs and being accountable. The coaching. The staff. This is going to be something special for years to come! Ride this train till the wheels fall off fellas! SKOL!

    • Everything Man says:

      I couldn’t have said that any better! The Team attitude makes me smile every time I watch these videos! Play as a team, win as a team and lose as a team – we got something special which will lead to team friendly deals to bring even more talent into that locker room. SKOL!

    • MIKERUPTION says:

      @George Blunt It’s okay to enjoy the moment. The Vikings are winning, they’re in 1st place in the division, and their games have definitely been exciting. If in the next moment we get kicked in the groin, well then we get up (after the stomach cramps stop), dust ourselves off, and continue on.

    • MIKERUPTION says:

      Exactly! Let’s enjoy this journey. It’s been exciting, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. I don’t want to look back after this season and ask myself why didn’t I enjoy it more? SKOL!

  2. spysaac says:

    this team chemistry is actually amazing, i love seeing everyone smile and having fun

    • MIKERUPTION says:

      @George Blunt You might want to smoke a blunt and chill. Repeat after me: Everything is okay. This is a safe universe. Football isn’t a life or death struggle. 😀

    • Big Winona says:

      @George Blunt calm down its only halfway into the season. I thought the purpose of being a fan of a sport you can’t control was about having fun. Let the fans enjoy this start. Negativity gets you nowhere in life.

    • Phoenix says:

      @spysaac The Seahawks 😂 jkjk

    • Big Winona says:

      @Noonjo really awesome seeing hock already accepted as a member of the family. Positive vibes all around for sure.

    • Noonjo says:

      @Big Winona True but there’s also the way everyone talks about each other during interviews and stuff, there’s definitely a bond being formed amongst the players.

  3. Knightofparty _ says:

    how can you not just love this team.

  4. MrYawwwn says:

    I love our coach man. Especially when he says “myself included” about getting better every day. We’ve got a great coach on our hands!

  5. DanMan says:

    I’m literally in tears thinking about how special this team is. Im 23 yrs old and I just want a Superbowl before I die I Love this team plz for my dad bring it home. Rip Pa. Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful game. Skol💜

  6. Joseph Palmer says:

    Who else got super hype after Kirk broke us down 😂😂

  7. Derek Baker says:

    I love KOC and what he has brought to Minnesota. Heck, his speeches get me choked-up, and I have been following football & the Vikes for more than 50 yrs! I am so thankful that the Wilfs chose wisely with Kwesi A-M, and that Kwesi A-M chose KOC!

    • Joe Schmoe says:

      @Waryan 1 He still has to prove to me he can stay out of the coaching staffs way, and deliver on solid draft picks. He has big shoes to fill with Spielman gone, so my vote of confidence is out for now. Moves like Hockenson are great, so as long as he’s listening to the real football people in the building, he will gain the respect of the fans.

    • Derek Baker says:

      @Waryan 1Absolutely! I am too! 👍👍

    • MIKERUPTION says:

      @George Blunt There’s a Vikings podcaster that keeps mentioning that KOC looks like a young Bud Grant. Maybe they’re related. LOL

    • Waryan 1 says:

      Dude kwesi has been amazing as well. So stoked for the future of this franchise

    • Reason Warrior says:

      @Ankit Bhakta Favorite latina booty?

  8. NMB says:

    TJ smiling like crazy every since he got here. love to see it!

    • Arjhan R says:

      So happy for Hock and that he contributed right away! It brings me joy to see the Vikings winning again. And to see a positive culture change. Glad he got out of Detroit along with Mathew Stafford. I wish Barry or Mega could have played for another team.

    • Katherine Berger says:

      TJ’s a good Northern Iowa boy, grew up cheering for the Vikes, now he gets to be a Minnesota Viking. Guy’s living the dream.

    • Craig Flanders says:

      Been there for a week and already 1-0..

    • bruh says:

      @Cipher 8 I’m glad we finally got a good te, irv lost us that eagles game. He catches that wide open wheel route and it’s likely a different game.

    • bruh says:

      @Cipher 8 9 catches 9 targets, 70 yards, pretty sure that’s more contribution in a game than any of our other TE’s other than 1 yard td passes that my gma could catch lol.

  9. Incognito Mosquito says:

    I love how this team always plays for each other instead of just with each other

  10. T Squirrel says:

    I was a little nervous in that 4th quarter but the Vikings pulled it off again💪 SKOL BABY!!!!

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