Kevin O’Connell’s Locker Room Speech After the Overtime Win Against the Buffalo Bills in Week 10

Kevin O’Connell’s Locker Room Speech After the Overtime Win Against the Buffalo Bills in Week 10

Watch Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell’s locker room speech after the overtime win against the Buffalo Bills in Week 10 of the 2022 NFL regular season.

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34 Responses

  1. ShadowFlameGaming says:

    Wow. Just simply wow. Vikings just won a game of the century, and JJ just had one of the best catches and games by a WR ever.

  2. MikeL says:

    I have been watcing the Vikings since I was a kid. I have NEVER missed watching a game, I have always watched until the end regardless of the score. Seeing this team fight like this is amazing. I don’t know where the season goes but I am genuinely excited for this and many years ahead with the leadership we have. Many of these players have fought for years regardless of the ending to the seasons, happy to see these players have fun, fight hard, and take none of this granted. This team is different!

  3. T Squirrel says:

    Idk if my heart can take these close games anymore 😂 Good win Vikes! SKOL

  4. david shabas says:

    Wow what a game ! The vikings have showed me so much heart , character, and determination so far this season because Kevin O’connell has brought something very special to this team. This team never gives up but every game goes down to the wire and i wish they would win some games easily because my heart can’t take these close games week after week. but i’ll gladly keep sweating these games out as long as they win. Do you all feel the goosebumps with me? Purple rain let’s go crazy! SKOOOOLLLL!!!! SKOOOOLLLL!!!! SKOOOOLLLL!!!! SKOOOOLLLL!!!!

  5. Probably a cat says:

    I have never been more invested in a Vikings team. This team is legit and I am here for it 👏🙌

  6. Tiffany Hinderscheit says:

    WAY TO GO GUYS!!!! That was one hell of a game!! You showed all of us that you guys CAN do it! Let’s keep this going and go all the way!! Let’s go Vikings!! 🏈 💜💛

  7. Carlos Soengas says:

    Que tremendo Equipo !!!!! Go Vikings Go!!!!!!!!!

  8. Joseph Drake II says:

    I just love this team we haven’t seen this type of life in this team since the Minneapolis miracle. We’re constantly improving,having fun, and just believing in the cause KOC is the Coach of the year and it’s not close.

  9. The Welsh Gamer says:

    That was honestly the best game I’ve witnessed in a very long time, my emotions were all over the place, such a great game #SKOL

  10. VikingsFan2022 says:

    I’ve got to say KOC has been what this team was missing. The energy is unreal

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