Kevin O’Connell’s Locker Room Speech After the Vikings Comeback Overtime Win Against the Colts

Kevin O’Connell’s Locker Room Speech After the Vikings Comeback Overtime Win Against the Colts

Watch Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell’s locker room speech after the Week 15 comeback overtime win against the Indianapolis Colts.

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44 Responses

  1. Cameron Pulaski says:

    Kevin is such a passionate guy. Glad he is our head coach. He’s the guy that will lead this team. So happy for them. SKOL. Keep up the good fight!!!!

    • Paul D says:

      @Kelsey Lynch What is sad is the fact the NFL is a business. I think at the end of the year, there are going to be some long time Vikings gone. I’m 100% sure it is really going to hurt him to have to let people go though. As you said, he cares about these guys so much.

    • max george says:

      @Hue Yang you salty , 😂😂😂

    • Kelsey Lynch says:

      I agree! He’s got a lot of heart and you can tell how much he cares for these men!

    • Paul D says:

      @Hue Yang Sure, he makes mistakes. Its his 1st year and there is going to be a learning curve. He led a team with a losing record to 11 wins. im not saying the Vikes will do that well every year, but I know KOC will get better and better as a coach. Even if we lose the rest of our games and get bumped out of the playoffs 1st game, Im happy he is our coach.

    • Mrbinkles Games says:

      @ljvue we won

  2. Tony Stroschein says:

    Did anyone else tear up a bit… man this coach is special. These guys have such heart. They deserve all the respect. Love all y’all. SKOL

  3. iSh0tYou99 says:

    No matter how this season ends, I don’t doubt the heart and soul this group has for one another.

  4. Abreezy 2357 says:

    The HEART, PASSION, BELIEF, LOVE in this man’s voice motivates the hell out of anyone. You can tell he loves what he does and he doesn’t quit. I think this hiring was a major WWWW for this franchise. I FUCKING LOVE THIS COACH SKOLLLLLLLLL💛💜

  5. Jack Chang says:

    That was pure heart and grit. Every player, every fan still cheering and in the stands, every fan on their couch still believing. One goal down, took the North. Next is let’s keep advancing in the playoffs. SKOL!!!!!!!!

  6. Jonathan Straka says:

    Literally unreal. How can one team keep having these type of games and one-upping the drama each time??

    • Todd Page says:

      The thing about this team is that the Vikings had the most dominant team in 75, 87, 98, 09..and lost heart breakers the most winning franchise in sports history to not win a Championship..this team has some luck/destiny

    • Ryan Albertson says:

      @Charles G and there have been no anonymous leaks? Every US president in the modern era has had to deal with staff anonymously telling secrets to the press, but the NFL has somehow avoided that problem? Has it always been scripted? If not, when did they start? Is there any hard evidence? “This seems weird” isn’t evidence.

    • Charles G says:

      @Ryan Albertson it’s theoretically possible, if they sign an NDA, that says they would have to return every single dollar they were ever paid, if they broke it

    • Ryan Albertson says:

      @AIC do you know how many people work for each of the 32 teams? And how many come and go each year? Do you really think that many people could keep a secret for that long?

    • Dukedevils320 says:

      @AIC “edited” 🤓

  7. Derek Alan says:

    This is great, but How awesome was the halftime speech to motivate these dudes to never give up down 33-0??? That’s what I want to see. 💯

    • Steven Hartlaub says:

      @Marc McCourt good one. The Vikings defensive players can make plays. They aren’t bad. The defensive coaching is more of the problem.

    • Mixtape Magic says:

      Patrick Peterson turned to the offense and said “we got this, all we need is 5 touchdowns”. And they went out and put together an incredible half of offensive & defensive football…..all while having 2 defensive TDs taken away by horrible officiating. Pretty impressive. Still plenty of stuff to fix, but maybe, just maybe, this was the punch in the mouth that this team needed to realize that.

    • Anthony Leydens says:

      They watched Rudy on four times speed.

    • Marc McCourt says:

      I’m wondering if someone else started calling the Defensive plays!

    • Chiggawaffle says:

      Dude fr. That shit mustve been crazy

  8. Nikki Covington says:

    This was the crazy game ever from having 33-0 in the first half and then coming back with a 36-36 and tied the game to overtime and then a flip up punts and then a field goal with 7 seconds left and won the game 39-36 and this was insane with the largest craziness comeback of year and they have clinched the NFC North now this is crazy because the Minnesota Vikings just wanted it today in the 2nd half because it been the longest game of year and the Minnesota Vikings almost had a interception by Camryn Bynum and he was very close and couldn’t get there in time. What a crazy greatest comeback in the NFL History.

  9. Tiffany Hinderscheit says:

    What a fight! Way to go, guys, for getting the big W and making history!! It might not have been pretty, but you guys got the job done! Proving to everyone to never count you guys out till that final second! Let’s keep it going to the BIG game!! 💜🏈💛 #SKOL

  10. Gabi Vazquez says:

    Every guy played a key role in this win. I’m so proud of this group. What a day to be a Vikings fan! Just wow.

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