Kevin Owens Calls Out Stone Cold Steve Austin | WWE Raw Highlights 3/7/22 | WWE on USA

Kevin Owens Calls Out Stone Cold Steve Austin | WWE Raw Highlights 3/7/22 | WWE on USA

Kevin Owens has a plan to get to Wrestlemania, and the plan is to call out Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE Raw Highlights 3/7/22. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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50 Responses

  1. Paul Viola says:

    So basically it will be like the time Cena kept calling out the undertaker. It will be a squash match.

  2. Soulutions says:

    I trust Steve Austin. If he’s doing this… it’s going to be great!

    • George Foster says:

      who says he to old look at Goldberg or rey or even shane

    • Pepsta Lynn says:

      @chris gullett I really wanted to go to the beer launch party. The club is the legendary Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. Austin definitely did that beer release the right way. Also, 3/16 is coming up soon too.

    • Diego Reyes says:

      Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Stupid Talentless Fathead Owens… Austin for the instant win!

    • Jmike says:

      No. This should not happen. This is going to just be terrible

    • Black Alpha Gaming says:

      @chris gullett correct Austin ain’t wrestling he’s too old and knows his time is up and not trying to injury himself

  3. Jamie Morgan says:

    This Wrestlemania’s build up basically: “I ain’t got nothing to do, hey wanna fight!”

  4. Jayke says:

    You can tell just by the way He said “ STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN !! “ how much he respects stone cold , how badly he wants this match with him & how honored he would be to do it. The emotion behind just those words show just how much KO admires Him.

  5. Primetym24 says:

    I wish they built this a little longer KO vs Stone cold promos would be legendary

    • Michael Siefert says:

      @Tyrone Banks well it’s not for a match, it’s for the KO show, Austin will hit a stunned after a confrontational interview and that’ll be it 😂

    • Tyrone Banks says:

      Yea this was slapped together and is very silly way to use one of the greatest wrestling legends barley little build and ko isn’t on that level of stone cold would be punching down to face this guy this is so goofy

    • Caleb Ray says:

      Yeah KO’s going to call out Stone Cold, start heeling it up. Stone Cold Stunner on KO pours some and beers.

    • alexubel says:

      It’s not going to be a match. KO will likely get stunned before it’s over, but there won’t be a match.

    • Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab says:

      are you shock

  6. Joe Kelemen says:

    This was Stone Cold Steve Austin getting called out for a WrestleMania match by Kevin Owens when Austin hasn’t had a match for around 20 years, and did you see the crowd reaction that got? Most of them just sitting on their hands. Wow.

    • Assassin 1015 says:

      @Manwiththeplan sXe anyone who isnt expecting this to be a squash match doesnt understand how wwe works now a days there not gonna make a guy whos 19 years into retirement go out and actually wrestler it will be nice to see Austin in the ring but we all know its just gonna be boom glass shatters middle finger stunner 1 2 3 done now wheres my beer its got rock vs rowen written all over it same aspect or maybe taker vs cena the crowd will be silent for 2 reason the younger ones like you said wont even know who he is and the older ones know wwe is gonna make him look weak and no one wants to see that we want to see him return but not like this 😫

    • D-Billz says:

      Cuz we really dont wanna see it. 🤣

    • Manwiththeplan sXe says:

      @DGS Not necessarily, maybe if we were talking 15 years ago I wouldn’t disagree. Everybody today knows Rock because he’s the biggest movie star in Hollywood and people would know he used to be a wrestler even if they weren’t even alive during the attitude era. Somebody 18-25 that’s never seen or heard anything about wrestling wouldn’t know who Stone Cold Steve Austin is. In what way has SCSA kept himself relevant outside of the wrestling bubble? A podcast that’s mostly listened to by wrestling fans? No. A couple of reality shows that nobody watched? No.

    • Assassin 1015 says:

      @Vincent Napolitano 12pm he will have a scheduled scripted moment paid for by wwe not a match 🤷

    • DGS says:

      @Manwiththeplan sXe no, I would say it’s a tie, if someone knows who the rock is, chances are they know who stonecold is.. Austin may not be a big movie star like Rock, but he is relevant in the mainstream

  7. DamonXR3Official says:

    Kevin Owens wants a match “WHAT?” A match? “WHAT?” At maina? “WHAT?” Texas? “WHAT?” 19 years since last match? “WHAT?” I say “WHAT?” a risk “WHAT?” But I’m all for it!

  8. Midnight Movie Man says:

    0:24 Goosebumps. You can tell this is his freaking dream and this permit was probably incredibly hard for him to do. Kevin is super humble and loves Austin

  9. TheGoonsies says:

    I prefer Austin just keep doing his thing on his podcast. The ending with The Rock was good enough, but it’s also an easy payday and WWE kind of needs that numbers bump for WM xD

  10. Tim Jones says:

    I love how just by mentioning Austin’s name the crowd goes crazy

    • Munkey909 says:

      Crowd went crazy? I wonder what you called it 20 years ago. This crowd was dead

    • William Chilcott says:

      That crowd was nothing! You obviously haven’t got a clue what it used to be like going crazy. Most of that “crowd noise” was piped as well. It isn’t normal to hear “crowd noise” and nobody is moving in the crowd.

    • drdfilm says:

      To me that crowd was dead!!! WWE crowds get under my skin nowadays.

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