Kevin Owens Meets Ezekiel and Elias in the Same Place | WWE Raw Highlights 6/20/22 | WWE on USA

Kevin Owens Meets Ezekiel and Elias in the Same Place | WWE Raw Highlights 6/20/22 | WWE on USA

Kevin Owens continues to struggle with the fact that Ezekiel and Elias are different people. WWE Raw Highlights 6/20/22. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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40 Responses

  1. comrade sentourn jr says:

    Can we just all appreciate KO for a moment? This dude delivers every single time he’s on TV. He’s able to take the most silly, half baked creative ideas and turn them into hilarity on a consistent basis. In the ring he’s legit one of the very best pro wrestlers in the entire world. KO is so underrated.

  2. WrecklessEating says:

    This was actually well done

  3. Jay Mars says:

    I NEVER thought I was gonna like this storyline, but wow it’s actually gotten more and more entertaining each week!

    • Jay Harv28 says:

      @Zak V. Ah yes because someone enjoys something you don’t, they need help. Maybe you are the one that needs help

    • Sega Genesis says:

      This storyline has become a guilty pleasure in my life.

    • lmaoitsmee says:

      @Zak V. how is this “get help” worthy? there’s been much worse lil bro.

    • Zak V. says:

      All of you, get help 😂 this is embarrassing for a billion dollar company

    • In Plain Sight says:

      I’m glad some of us are admitting it.. others are acting like they loved it from the first night.

      I love Elias which is why I hated it at first. But then I realized Zeke is every bit as good as him.

  4. XeroBloodline says:

    This just proves you can still do a great entertaining storyline without it revolving around a title. I love this, more of this please.

  5. Suicide TNA says:

    This certainly did not disappoint. With Elias and Ezekiel in the promo before. And KO just losing his mind backstage. They can keep this story going on a little longer love this

  6. BrickFighter 13 says:

    Props to WWE. By far their best storyline by far and the fact that this was likely a demotion for Elias but ended up being their best storyline yet!

  7. Kevin Schoenfeld says:

    I’m going to be real! I thought this storyline sucked at first!! But after seeing this, I love it!! This is what I was waiting to see. WWE pulled this off. I give them credit.

  8. 54 Gaming says:

    I won’t lie, I was not expecting this to be that good. Well done WWE.

    • In Plain Sight says:

      Same. I was expecting to see the back of Elias talking to all of the wrestlers and then Zeke in a back and forth way only for Kevin to run around not being able to find him

      “Did you see Elias!!?”
      “You just missed him, he said to tell you he hopes you’re doing well”

      This was much better than what I was expecting.

  9. Anthony McMillian says:

    Elias and Ezekiel! The first and only long distance tag team for real! 😂 😂 They got you this time, Kevin! I love it! That’s a big hat they’re pulling these segments out of! 😂 😂

  10. AJ-Hope says:

    The brotherly bond between Elias and his younger brother Ezekiel is unmatched. What a beauty.

    • Love DicedTomatoes says:

      In Plain Sight 😂

    • Sports Bank says:

      The bond between R-Truth and Little Jimmy has never been matched!

    • In Plain Sight says:

      It’s great seeing the contrast in their personalities. Elias is clearly a loner, he’s more confident and a little more suave

      Zeke loves interaction, he’s a little naïve still and more excited than Elias

      Obviously Elias is more into the arts while Zeke prefers sports. I think that’s why they have such good chemistry together

      Ying and Yang

    • Thomas Knapp says:

      They have been so patient through all of KO’s slander. Truly, you can tell the strength of their bond.

    • Tory Mann says:


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