Kevin Smith Reacts to Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

Kevin Smith Reacts to Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

Kevin Smith reacts to the latest Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer!


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38 Responses

  1. Al Btross says:

    So, did Miles paint the Iron Man mural at the beginning?

    • SoTotallyEpic says:

      Yu The9YO yeah i fucking know that, even pointed that out. i meant i want ten years of tom individually

    • Al Btross says:

      I just think that Sony has a hard on for the Spiderverse, and they Want a BIGGER peice of the pie. They crossed their fingers with VENOM, and struck lightning in a bottle, they want A Spiderman, any Spiderman to pair with Hardy. Or it coulda just been painted by some random crackhead, who knows? BUT, if it turns out to be Miles. I hope that’s the ONLY connection in the film.

    • Cory Skibba says:

      Not all art is Miles, Grace. It’ll probably be a Banksy or someone else. The whole world is mourning him

    • AeropathX says:

      Fuck Miles . We dont want him NO ONE WANTS HIM

  2. Axen 5150 says:

    The MCU has always been in the marvel multiverse it’s 199999 while the main universe is 616 the original comic universe.

  3. LastDay OSummer says:

    I live for Kevin Smith’s reactions because they are exactly the same as mine lol

  4. Zebrion says:

    Trailer starts: “Everywhere I go, I see his face….”

    Oh, so you want me to ugly cry then, Marvel. OK.

  5. General Kenobi Hello There says:

    Gonna take a page out of Silent Bob’s book and simply say only what is important to say.

    You Mr. Smith are a cultural treasure and we are lucky you’re still with us.

  6. Ammar Nemo Actor says:

    Kevin Did you notice that Peter Parker was wearing Tony Starks glasses on the ? bus?

  7. David Perez says:

    If the multiverse even exists I’m glad I got one where Iron Man 1 took off and we got the MCU

    • Wade Wilson says:

      It does according to the ancient one in doctor strange. I doubt she would lie about that

    • Global X-Wing says:

      Unfortunately though, we didn’t get the one where Howard the Duck is a 20 billion dollar franchise juggernaut. That would have been cool too. But eh, I’m not complaining since we got the MCU.

    • Grich L says:

      +Wade Wilson I’m sure there’s a universe with the MCU where the ancient one does lie or is at least wrong. Maybe we’re in that universe after all.

    • Greg Khar says:

      If MCU is earth 199999…

    • Properly Gaming says:

      I see this as Disney’s way to incorprate the mutants into the mcu since they just bought 20th Century Fox. The snap opened a tear now all the heroes that have been missing can now start to appear from these alternate universes. Really excited about this

  8. Artisan1979 says:

    I think those elementals are the closest we’re gonna get to Sandman, Hydro Man, and. molten man

  9. Liam Thorpe says:

    Is Peter taking off a pair of Tony’s glasses? Is he maybe getting a posthumous message?

  10. mattmobile says:

    All of this brought to you by the man who killed Quentin Beck

  11. RED SHIRTS says:

    Kev: Im not gonna wig out when I see Mysterio

    Also Kev: *ITS MYSTERIO OMG!!!*

  12. Daniela J. says:

    With King Sweaty Schnepp gone…and King Marvel Stan gone…I’m so glad I can see the reactions of guys like Kevin, RMB and Starlin. It’s great to see the guys who live for this stuff get to see it and react with us.

  13. My name is Steve Rogers says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that happy still has thors magic belt megingjord

  14. Daniel Humire says:

    Kevin’s eyes when he realized they were doing multiverse…????

  15. Ubaldo Palmas says:

    Hey Kevin did you notice that Peter is wearing Tony’s Glasses?

  16. Kyle Schnur says:

    Tony is new Jarvis !
    ( mic drop )

  17. Mujtaba Ibrahim says:

    I’m most excited about Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ll watch anything with him in it.


    MCU =Marvel Cinematic Universe sit back

    it’s time for the debut of the

    MCM: Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

  19. Daniel Nathan says:

    If there is a multiverse will Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprise their roles?

  20. rustyshield says:

    The helmet is awesome. Vulture, Mysterio….. cant wait for the rest of the sinister 6. Need more proper bad guys in the MCu

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