Kevin Spacey Explains Who Frank Underwood Is Talking To

Kevin Spacey Explains Who Frank Underwood Is Talking To

Whenever Frank Underwood speaks directly to camera, who does Kevin Spacey imagine he’s talking to? Spoiler: It’s another presidential contender. Presented by New York Life

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20 Responses

  1. azsxdcfvgbhnjmhn says:

    What he say that was bleeped?

  2. Stephen N says:


  3. Ilias Ant. says:

    Wait a minute. So now i can watch these Late Show segments from my country ?
    Who knew that they would actually take feedback into consideration …
    Colbert, you da MVP. 10/10 IGN

  4. honeyana2 says:

    and I turn on the news…

  5. Volebien says:


  6. Dennis Morris says:

    Sucking on box wine? Yes, it´s true, but not just any box wine: DON SIMON,
    full-bodied, earthy, and with the unmistakable terroir of Spain. Simply
    excellent, yet so very affordable. Available at Wal-Mart.

  7. dieauferstehung says:

    he is talking to noone else as Kanye West

  8. diegox1994 says:

    god, i fucking love this show

  9. boppins says:

    you don’t have to bleep bad words on the internet, just FYI

  10. JD1010101110 says:

    Ian Richardson, as it spacey desperately trying to prove he’s a half decent

  11. Joseph Grant says:

    If I ever meet Kay Space, I’d love to tell him how great he was in Advanced

  12. Thomas Paine says:

    damn, what did he say ? we are mostly adults here !

  13. Nicholas Vargas says:

    He looks like the guy from advanced warfare

  14. VaMaa says:

    Look it’s Jonathon Irons

  15. john fear says:

    Trump 2016! Fuck CNN, Stephen Colbert, FOX, All media outlets, Illegals,
    Everyone that doubts him, stephen colbert, and not to mention stephen

  16. SamuraiPie8111 says:

    hey dats tha nigga from cod

  17. ✯Giga Impact✯ says:

    i keep seeing Jonathan irons. wtf

  18. Wherethewildlives says:

    Kevin spacey for president!!!!