Kevin Spacey in the flesh at Florida Panthers game

Kevin Spacey in the flesh at Florida Panthers game

Saturday night, it was wasn’t Spacey in Space, it was Spacey in the house. Actor Kevin Spacey, the inspiration behind the Florida Panthers’ postgame trend, was on hand to watch the Cats.

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20 Responses

  1. Creamsicles Ball Hockey says:

    Who’s in the box?

  2. TheEschwank02 says:

    celebrities are considered demi-gods. i hate pop culture.

  3. SyfyGamerz says:

    Hey it’s the guy from cod aw

  4. Mantro says:

    It’s sad that a lot of people only recognize him for his appearance in a
    video game

  5. Landon Phillips says:

    when he stands up and smiles and starts waving he really does look like
    Frank Underwood at a rally

  6. HiddenTalent77 says:

    I think playing Underwood has really warped his overall persona. I can’t
    imagine him in a public place without wondering what scheme he’s executing.

  7. Mav 41 says:


  8. emstrada says:

    President Underwood*

  9. darkdancerman says:

    this is gold

  10. Kern and I says:

    Kevin Spacey always freaks me out ever since I’ve watched House of Cards!
    Check out our YouTube Channel it’s funny and we might talk about Kevin
    Spacey some time… Anything is possible!!!

  11. Tristan Seyedain says:

    Why did everyone have masks?

  12. Ian Baker says:

    I thought the president was from south Carolina

  13. Situk Guide says:

    Stupid liberal. no respect for this obama loving POS

  14. Chairman Meow says:

    UNDERWOOD 2016

  15. theking24 says:

    I never expect to see Frank Underwood to smile for that long.

  16. helsea is bored says:

    watch out or you’ll get doug stampered

  17. opTicninja808 says:

    They should just scrap the election and make underwood president for real.
    Better than any of the current candidates IMO

  18. JoeyLogo22Fan says:

    I killed him in call of duty. Jk I’m just here for fun

  19. Hugh Janus says:

    OMG in the flesh? Whoa , give me a fkn break. Who gives a shit.

  20. Queen Elizabeth II says:

    That’d be really cool to see a proper Hollywood star like him at a game.
    Leonardo DiCaprio I think hits up basketball and american football games a