Key & Peele – Pre-Game Pump-Up

Key & Peele – Pre-Game Pump-Up

A football team’s preparatory huddle takes a violent turn.


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20 Responses

  1. strangerpwee says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

  2. origin860 says:


  3. Curt Baboon says:

    I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped.

  4. Za Thao says:

    Wow that skit was awesome

  5. MrKUSH0630 says:

    Key & Peele are the kings

  6. Khoi Nguyen says:

    Would have been funnier if one of them pull a gun out and shoots. The other
    way bleeding to death shouts; “Lets do this!”. Then they all run out
    leaving him to die. Or maybe its just me.

  7. KhoiBoa says:

    That boy got in a car and left the game lol

  8. angelrosas999 says:

    Shit got real

  9. michalus09 says:


  10. LostHighwayFilms says:

    Takittothu’ Limit

  11. Mega Zoroark (David Ross) says:

    Why does violence always make me hungry? I loved the explosion but ate a
    whole bag of chips after…

  12. Baked Potato says:

    Key and peele should just have them own YouTube channel!

  13. ArsilightsGoonerHD says:

    Well, that escalated quickly

  14. thisisEHAM says:


  15. IntheInternet Wetrust says:

    lol i knew where this was going before it even started escalating bcuz im
    so use to key and peele

  16. ssskywalk3rrr says:


  17. IntheInternet Wetrust says:

    I have seen some good comedy in my day but key and peele just takes it to a

  18. Ren P says:

    Key and peele: you guys have true talent. Keep it going.

  19. icemanroyal says:

    Key and or PEELE, PLEAAASE bring back COACH HINES!

  20. dyelan2010 says:

    The only ones keeping it 100. I think they’ve surpassed Chappelle’s show
    ten fold by now.