Keyshia Cole – You ft. Remy Ma, French Montana

Keyshia Cole – You ft. Remy Ma, French Montana

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Courtesy of KC On The Road

(C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment / Keyshia Cole

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20 Responses

  1. Jahniesce Bae says:

    Keyshia Cole and Remy they sound so good together ??

  2. baby face says:

    when a libra women get tried of the bs????

  3. Dina Diamond says:

    Every time I see Remy ma I think R.I.P Onika Tanya Maraj. Great video Keyshia.

  4. Ms Tiff Tiff says:

    YASSSSSS dis da best week Eva Remy killed da Barbie bisssh n Keyshia Cole finallyyyyyyyyy!!!!!#MyGalsAreBACK!!!

  5. Ariel O'hara says:

    Keyshia picked the Perfect time time drop this song especially with the Remy & nicki beef…. timing is everything

  6. Moncef Boussaoui says:

    French killed it ??????

  7. Hen Bee says:

    Keisha all day over wack ass k Mitchelle

  8. Moth says:

    this going platinum I’m calling it

  9. Daneesha Todd says:

    Keyshia & Remy Are Real Life Bestie Goals!! ????

  10. Joe McCoy says:

    YASSSSSS!! Keyshia looks refreshed and she’s serving us that old school feel. And Remy on the track? Perfect timing after the slaughtering. This may be a hit. I’m here for it!

  11. Diana Dixon says:

    who else is here because they love Keyshia and Remy ???

  12. ZaiRadio says:

    I’m Now a Remy Ma fan from that Nicki diss record..

  13. Neghie Thervil says:

    I could be a foul bitch, fuck yo whole life up…yes, Remy….now we know ?

  14. chaosinmybreath says:

    Wait this sounds like old school Keyshia I’m living!!

  15. Kesha Smith says:

    Nicki Minaj picked the wrong one

  16. Furcala Lillian-Rennata says:

    I like how Keisha Cole can do a song without using the N***** word. unlike Nicki Minaj who is a fake Barbie rhymer claiming to be a rapper.

  17. Matafanua Tamatoa says:

    All that blood on her hands and Remy still got time to be on a feature? That’s what I call hustle ???

  18. RealestGuyInTheRoom says:

    Somebody needs to edit Nicki Minaj’s face on that man at 2:03 in the chair because all I was thinking about how Remy Ma BODIED Nicki Minaj with #ShETHER lol Please do it!!

  19. john peters says:

    Let Breezy know that this niggas aint loyal (Chris Brown)

  20. Dommy Savio says:

    Who’s playing this jam on repeat like for the 5th time?

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