KFC | Honky Tonk | Smoky Mountain BBQ

KFC | Honky Tonk | Smoky Mountain BBQ

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84 Responses

  1. Sirpizza says:

    First to see that fried chicken!

  2. OneUltimateWarrior says:

    When feminism goes too far…

  3. The Bellcaptain says:

    Reba will do this but not another tremors film?

  4. Optimax71 says:

    I want to lick that old mans drumsticks.

  5. Sadie Lee says:


  6. Sadie Lee says:

    honestly wet

  7. Social Suicide says:

    Oh! I just got that this was supposed to be funny. -__-

  8. Boring bomb bay says:

    And YouTube claims they don’t sell spots for trending

    • God Spelled Backwards /GSB says:

      The Secular Dude Yeah your right no matter how many views to justify its TRENDING status when Idubbbz gets 10 million views,hell no it aint gonna trend with the sarbucks obsessed white girls and wanna be gangster white boy millennial

    • The Secular Dude says:

      God Spelled Backwards /GSB YouTube has gone to shit. Honestly there will never be a replacement as a full video sharing site cuz YouTube is not even profitable as its. Despite it being the 2nd most popular site in the world it only makes 4 to 6% of Google revenue. Vidme came close but they shut down cuz operation costs were too high

    • The Secular Dude says:

      God Spelled Backwards /GSB back in November they promoted this chick called, Sailor J who did a “fuck white people” thanksgiving video

    • Boring bomb bay says:

      Sierra Evans Link me the tweet cuz I’ve read before they claim not to sell spots

    • Dankady Bong says:

      The Secular Dude .
      the internet as a whole has to be a loss making business. it has to be govt bail out money behind it, same as hollywood with 80% of movies making a loss.

  9. florenszero says:

    hit trending

    *seems legit*

  10. Davedabrave says:

    i wish i could get trending with my 30 views

  11. tenzo says:

    never thought i’d say this but i want to fuck colonel sanders

  12. Swang Persona B says:

    I thought y’all said no celebrities KFC!!!!

  13. Eric Brown says:

    Kentucky Flawed Chicken

  14. Yukosan13 says:

    I like the commercial but most KFC’s are old and run down… give your stores some updates then I’ll consider eating there..

    • ac3ofspades878 says:

      KFC it’s not about ONE store, MOST KFC’s have issues. My local KFC got remodeled but the employees were still lazy and serving very old chicken. If I want KFC, I drive past TWO KFC’s to get to one where they do care about the quality of the food. Because of that I don’t eat KFC often anymore.

    • C Major808 says:

      KFC Instead of these idiotic commercials, maybe some money should be going toward improving the cleanliness of your stores and the quality of your food.

    • Boat Axe says:

      ac3ofspades878 When you pay minimum wage you get minimum effort.

    • deanplayer69 metalplayer says:

      Sounds about right I was done with KFC a long time ago! They use powdered mashed potatoes, powdered gravy and there chicken tasted like it was sitting under a heat lamp all day! That’s what happens when you hire kids to run your buisness!

    • deanplayer69 metalplayer says:

      Sorry Colonel the only way you can be better is stop hiring lazy disrespectful kids and hire people that can actually follow the recipe and start using fresh chicken with real mashed potatoes and gravy! But I don’t think that will ever happen cause it would be to expensive! Lmfao!

  15. Htime20 says:

    Love that chicken from Popeye’s.

  16. SuperGuerrero79 says:

    I thought it was Dana Carvey!

  17. MrAntieMatter says:

    930 views and trending, that’s bullshit.

    • Sierra Evans says:

      MrAntieMatter No it’s not? They literally came out a couple years ago and said that sell a quarter of the trending spots to advertisers for things like movie trailers and commercials like this

    • jeff canady says:

      in about 2 days this will have over a million views. the news outlets are just starting to repeat report it all over the place. that always jumps up the views.

    • C Major808 says:

      You should know by now that the number of views a video has is irrelevant. YouTube staff decides what goes on the Trending page.

  18. Frankie Ray says:

    why i Think thats me at the bar as a cowboy he he #frankierayactor

  19. Ezikial says:

    This is GREAT!!

  20. Brenden Lockwood says:

    Wtf have people done to the actual KFC guy

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