KFC’s NEW Beyond Nuggets are Inedible

KFC’s NEW Beyond Nuggets are Inedible

KFC has teamed up with Beyond Meat to offer new plant-based Beyond Nuggets! This promotion is available Nationwide with 6 Beyond Meat Nuggets available for $7. Are these Nuggets finger lickin’ good? Find out in today’s review!


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40 Responses

  1. TheReportOfTheWeek says:

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    On Patreon you can access exclusive content, like my radio shows, anytime you want!

  2. TheReportOfTheWeek says:

    Why does this keep happening to me? I just want to be able to eat the food!

  3. Jonathan Bluett says:

    Best quote: “The box has a lot of green on it… obviously to represent all the money that KFC hopes to make on this promotion” 🙂 lol – excellent review 🙂

    • Copious Doinks LLC. says:

      Is it weird that I find that to be the most egregious thing about this promotion? When I think of KFC I think of the colors red and white. Seeing something green with the KFC logo on it is just… unnatural. Which is ironic because that’s probably the one feeling that KFC _doesn’t_ want their customers to associate with these non-meat substitutes.

      I feel like these sort of rookie mistakes wouldn’t have been made twenty years ago. It’s like the concept of brand promotion has just been mysteriously lost to the passage of time or something.

    • DrOz says:

      Lol I love these little gems he drops. Obviously he was insinuating that green = good for environment, but he pulls the switcharoo haha

    • Danielle Nierop says:

      Soylant green anyone ?

    • Wilhelm Bittrich says:

      I fully lost it when he said this. This man is such a treasure.

    • Angry Patata says:


  4. Scott Lawyer says:

    Brah that little rant along the lines of “these days with fast food, whattya expect ya know..” I felt that deep in my gut. Its been true for me as well. Some places cant get even the simple things right.

  5. Dr. Donkey says:

    Poor guy has been broken down so much over the years by the fast food industry he doesn’t even have the strength to rant.
    He went from “My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.” to “I don’t expect anything these days, so it is what it is.”

  6. AJ White says:

    You have to respect reviewbrah’s mantra of “it is what it is”. He doesn’t go the easy path of super negative take-down, he still manages to put out an informative to the point review with a dash of lighthearted shoulder shrugging.

    • Copious Doinks LLC. says:

      It makes perfect sense, though – it’s junk food. Nobody was expecting it to be amazing. For him to go overboard acting like it’s the worst thing ever would be kind of disingenuous and that’s just not Reviewbrah’s style.

  7. FanboyFlicks says:

    Seems like a ridiculously big box for only 6 nuggets

  8. weinerschnitzelboy says:

    I’ve actually been told they were good by friends who have tried it. Is it possible that these had to be prepared slightly differently and the people who made these just didn’t care enough to prepare them correctly?

    • AkiRini says:

      @Kid_Amnesiak dude you must not eat fast food often. It’s always hit or miss. Because most of the employees act like they don’t want to be there and they do the bare minimum. And it shows in the food. Mostly at certain times. Go to a burger king or Taco bell near closing time and I’m sure it’s gonna be crap. I went to a canes chicken the other night near closing and it was awful but somehow that place has amazing reviews.

    • Connor Garvey says:

      Is it possible that a YouTuber has figured out that eating stale nuggets gets way more views?

    • Billy The Kid says:

      The best way to test a product is to cook it at it’s worst, KFC knows this. It’s a bad product, somebody was able to polish a turde……

    • Billy The Kid says:

      @Happy Turtle Or just eat meat.

    • Nat says:

      @Kwaite Funi i’ve been vegetarian my whole life, and this fake meat bullshit has actually ruined food for me. it’s almost ALL vile. there’s been maybe.. 5 things i’ve eaten that have actually been good, or at least better than meh. bean burgers seem to have just completely disappeared and it genuinely upsets me because they are awesome

  9. cer spence says:

    love this man

  10. Texas Lady Music says:

    “shoe leather”, “Call it a day” Great comments and review. Appreciate your bravery to help the rest of us know what these restaurants are selling.

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