Khabib Nurmagomedov describes his nerves in corner for Islam Makhachev at UFC 280 | ESPN MMA

Khabib Nurmagomedov describes his nerves in corner for Islam Makhachev at UFC 280 | ESPN MMA

ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto speaks with Khabib Nurmagomedov after Islam Makhachev’s submission win against Charles Oliveira to win the lightweight title. Khabib also describes the nerves he had in the corner during the fight and gives his thoughts on a matchup vs. Alexander Volkanovski.

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40 Responses

  1. AcidGlow says:

    Really happy for Islam and his team. Great to see Khabib help his team. 💪

  2. deermeatfordinner says:

    Volkanovski was just told exactly what to prepare for! That is incredible for a variety of reasons!!! More than anything, he was being honest, second, he was selling the fight before it’s even announced! This is going to be a HUGE HUGE fight that captures the the world!!!

  3. JavTheJoker says:

    I noticed that with Islams fight, he was able to match Charles’s thai clinch at one point and negated some of his kicks that Poirier struggled so much with. The gameplan from Khabibs corner was so good. Javier Mendez also deserves a lot of credit.

  4. Ian9toes says:

    This fight meant a lot for Khabib’s legacy. If Charles had won many people would have used this against Khabib’s goat status. But now this result only adds to his status. No one’s gunna say Charles would have beaten Khabib now.

    Edit: so many people said Khabib never fought a great wrestler or great submission artist but now we know Dagestani wrestling is the top tier of wrestling for mma.

    • Muhamad Syabil says:

      @Phinks Magcub Islam have also mention this when the media ask about Oliveira vs Khabib. Islam said that it will be easy fight for Khabib with his pressure. Also i do think Islam fighting style more oriented with striking. Before Islam lose that 1 match, he was relentless with striking game. IMO

    • Phinks Magcub says:

      Khabib still better than Islam imo. Khabib has that infinite stamina and the suffocation style. Khabib is a disgusting opponent and if a fighter picking an opponent? I’ll probably avoid this guy because he’ll gonna take you down again and again and will chip away your stamina no matter what. Islam still young tho so we could expect more for him.

    • Ian9toes says:

      @Moh. Fauzil Adhim

      Exactly what I was thinking, even Khabib’s student is levels above Charles.

    • Moh. Fauzil Adhim says:

      If Khabib didn’t retire, the only fighter that might have a chance to take his belt in a fight is Islam Makachev. It’s clear tonight that Oliviera, the man who named as a champion after Khabib left, didn’t stand a chance on Khabib’s student. Left alone Khabib himself.

    • Buzzerbeater Buzzerbeater says:

      Very true, compliment 👍

  5. B Walls says:

    Khabib dropping so much knowledge and confidence. What life looks like when you’re 110% dedicated to something.

  6. nazzz says:

    Now people can respect what this man was. He was on another level to everyone. Hate him or love him but respect him

  7. Reda Marzouk says:

    I remember Conor telling Brett what Khabib gave to the sport, and that he went sprinting to retire after couple of title defenses…
    Now it’s safe to say that Khabib contribution to MMA as a champion and then as coach is far more then anyone can deny.
    The guy is just so technical with his predictions, so humble when giving credits to fighters even when they lose, and a great businessman owning his own promotion.

    Khabib is sheer class, a one in a generation human being!

  8. Aye Zee says:

    The disrespect Khabib has gotten since he retired is unmatched. He left the UFC because his father and coach past away, and every soul on social media would keep saying he’s running from the division, he’s scared of charles, you name it. For Islam to dominate charles the way that he did, there should be zero consideration who’s the lightweight goat.

    • Lemongeezer11 says:

      One more thing I’d like to add, knowing how much Khabib loves his team and family, I’m almost 100% sure that while considering retiring, Khabib would have definitely thought it could benefit Islam too. Because Islam couldn’t become champion if Khabib just went on with the belt

    • S. dot says:

      100% Khabib didn’t run from the sport. He evolved from being a fighter to a leader. He is now a very successful coach, MMA league owner and leader of his people. He is living with a higher purpose. Just like he said in his HOF speech.

  9. Randy Matthew says:

    This guy is a true ambassador for the sport.

  10. dudeotis says:

    I was all but certain that Charles would win easily …..I was very , very wrong ! Congratulations Champ , you deserve that belt … you earned it fair and square with no room for doubt . I’m happy for you , your team and your family .

    • Hunter Brandon says:

      Easy? Cmon now lol

    • irshad khan says:

      Charles had some blind followers or War Mongers from RSS India..they were devaluing Khabib 29-0,,as per them,khabib fought no body…
      As per their Reports, Charles has more submissions than Khabib and Islam Combined

    • monther the ok guy says:

      Most mature Charles fan

    • Lone Wolf says:

      You’re the first Charles supporter that admitted he was wrong. Before the comment section was filled with folks saying that Charles would destroy Islam. They all gone now

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