Khabib Nurmagomedov, Former UFC Champion | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson presented by Smart Cups

Khabib Nurmagomedov, Former UFC Champion | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson presented by Smart Cups

Mike Tyson and this week’s co-host Henry Cejudo sat down with Former UFC Lightweight Champion and pound-for-pound great, Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov in the #Hotboxin studio. In this episode, the guys spoke about: Khabib’s feud with Conor McGregor, who hit Khabib the hardest, the death of his father, forgiveness, mental toughness in combat sports, how a fight between him and GSP would go down, and so much more.

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44 Responses

  1. Mike Tyson says:

    Thank you Champ 🙏🏿

    • Zach Foster says:

      Chill out on the drugs next time Mike. Why even have a podcast if you’re too high to interact with your guest.

    • Nik Scott says:

      Instant classic.

    • Mrpoopy Butthole says:

      I’m sorry mike but nobody can touch you’re legacy you are a living legend and for me my favorite “fighter” not just boxer but fighter of all time. For bless you mike the worlds blessed to be able to learn from you’re hard earned wisdom.

    • Quiet Ranger says:


  2. King KeNNy Slay says:

    I wished this podcast was longer! Legendary podcast!

  3. TheOfficialChicoCas says:

    CCC? Nah CCCC! My dude is a podcast champion!!

    Ps. The Manscaped add was one of the best things ive ever seen lol.

  4. Kevin Sinarli says:

    when he said that McGregor should go sleep, it shows that this dude’s mindset is a warrior mindset

    • Tyler Curtis says:

      @GodyArtDesign It’s a good thing you don’t coach. Your spelling looks like you should go to school too.

    • KASSPER JASSER says:

      Love you khabib

    • jamoisthebastard says:

      @GodyArtDesign do everyone a favor and stfu

    • Alexander Blum says:

      Conor was stuck in a submission that would have broken his jaw before he would even be put to sleep. I think Khabib is being a joker pretending Conor would have gone to sleep rather than having his jaw shattered first. LMAO. Love Khabib, but bro you know which result would have came first. Conor was smart for tapping.

  5. vmulby0618 says:

    “She like sports, but she don’t like punch face!” Lmfao love Khabibs English. He’s the actual GOAT

  6. Marcus Middleton says:

    “If you lose, don’t come home”

    – Mother

  7. sebastianlux says:

    “I was preparing for real war. When I come there, I don’t find nobody.” is the coldest shit I’ve ever heard.

  8. 0 1 says:

    Henry is elaborating for khabib because his English isn’t perfect
    He’s also elaborating for Mike because he’s shroomed into another dimension

  9. Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! says:

    That is so crazy, Khabib talking about fighting Conor and expecting an intense WAR and not having a real fight. Watching that fight again it’s weird because McGregor was drenched in sweat getting destroyed gasping for air and Khabib was smashing his face and talking smack to him you can see why Khabib jumped the cage after the fight, he was angry and wound up.

    • khimaros says:

      @Richard Rockhound exactly how I felt about it too! Exactly! Well said. It was insane to watch the first time, and I rewatch that fight all the time.

    • murkincl69 says:

      Khabib snapped on him. That’s the thing with many people, they think that the time will never come for the approach after the all shit they talked. If that fight was on the street Khabib would’ve seriously permanently damaged connor.

    • Ismail Ilmi says:

      Lmao I been saying that. It’s weird because in 2018 I kinda imagined how Khabib felt like. He was prepared for the the toughest fight of his life and ended up fighting someone who was levels below him. A lot of people don’t understand that the round Conor supposedly won was a mercy from Khabib. He stood and fought with Conor for the majority of that 3rd round because he was that comfortable.

    • Thotty DaGod says:

      Didn’t Conor win the 3rd round?? Im confused.

  10. Mannylo Anime Squad Life Lessons says:

    wow this is legendary!

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