Khabib vs. Poirier Full Fight Commentary | JRE Fight Companion

Khabib vs. Poirier Full Fight Commentary | JRE Fight Companion

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – September 7, 2019:

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99 Responses

  1. Tony Supreme says:

    Joe rogan to joe rogan
    “This is no bueno”
    “No bueno”

  2. MotleyStu10 88 says:

    “Who’s winning the match?”— Bryan Callen 2019
    Edit – Thank god there are Zoolander fans out there haha

  3. Mr. Smith says:

    I think Brendan favors the fighters he jerks off to the most.

  4. Jamie Ambrosius says:

    I’d buy a Khabib v Tony fight 6 months in advance

  5. Michael L.A says:

    Khabib vs CM Punk

    Schaub: I think Punk’s gonna where him out and go for the KO in the 3rd

  6. John Wigmore says:

    Brian Callen…. The guy you don’t invite, but always knows when to come in.

  7. A-T says:

    Niggas said “whoaaaaaa” like Schaub would EVER be right about a big fight prediction lol. Ridiculous pick too

  8. Mustafa Habeeb says:

    Next match is khabib vs thanos ??.
    Am betting on khabib ??‍♂️

  9. Ethan Dur says:

    Because they didn’t include visuals, I opened the fight in one screen, and this video on another, and watched the whole fight with Joe Rogan’s commentary, made it 100 times better ?

  10. Iautocorrect says:

    Brendan could be watching a documentary on penguins and find a way to talk about McGregor.

  11. Down with the syndrome says:

    What’s with Brendan’s obvious bias every time khabib fight???‍♂️

  12. Janis Stradins says:

    cant wait when someone puts this audio on actual fight footage

  13. Peter Nadin says:

    Brendan constantly looking for uncle Joe’s approval

  14. Aneek S says:

    These 3 jokers don’t understand khabib. Only joe knows how good khabib is. The other three are just like Florian. Haha.

    • Johnny Blaze says:

      @Sin Sin exactly, Bravo is the guy who gave Joe his first black belt iirc (he has 2 one in no Gi and one in gi) and is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Dude is definitely knowledgeable about fighting. As for the conspiracy theories and other shit well, like I said he definitely knows about fighting ??

    • SevenFour SevenFour says:

      What did they say that was wrong? Lmao just a khabib dick rider

    • Dracula says:

      which is be the biggest mistake Tony Ferguson is gonna make

    • Kagemusha08 says:

      @Sin Sin Just because someone is a great jiu jitsu teacher doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to predict fights well. Things like emotions and cognitive biases can cloud judgement. And given that Bravo believes the Earth is flat I think it’s safe to say his judgement is pretty fucking clouded.

    • AARON Leonard says:

      @Kagemusha08 except he did predict the fight correctly

  15. Snoopy says:

    are we going to ignore eddie ‘arn’t you an actor or something’ hahah

  16. RizzyWow says:

    Pro tip: Put your money on the opposite of whatever Brendan says.

  17. AS Red eye says:

    I lost IQ listening to Brandon talking.

  18. AS Red eye says:

    Can we just replace Brandon and Callen with Joey Diaz!! smh

  19. CuriousReason says:

    Callen: “Dustin is not taking a lot of damage, he is not…”
    Eddie: “Aren’t you an actor or something”

  20. johnny cena says:

    Missed Joe commentary like it or not he is a true student of mma.

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