Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo – SNL

Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo – SNL

Zerbo (Kenan Thompson), bloodrider to Khal Drogo, co-hosts Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo a talk show featuring the hundreds of Game of Thrones characters who have been killed off.

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67 Responses

  1. Deven Ravipati says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Momoa has been on Game of Thrones and we didnt even notice

  2. Deven Ravipati says:

    pete davidson’s balding wig is spectacular

  3. surinai4214 says:

    Kate McKinnon is the perfect Joffery

  4. Isabel Stoddart says:

    Oh lord, when Aidy called Joffrey Justin Bieber ???

  5. mblacksenior says:

    Hahaha ah the host Oscar joke was funny lolol

    • GC N says:

      +hoosd42 stop being a little bitch

    • Jonathan Villalba says:

      They politicized the skit with the pc culture crap. Anyway, dont know how often they do that but thats the 1st time I noticed.

    • Joey hohn says:

      It was well written, but he flubbed the line

    • Steve Schweichler says:

      +hoosd42 derp let’s destroy everyone’s lives that may have said something that some one else may have been offended by while we were second grade. Makes sense. I’m offended I’m offended. I don’t I can on with my life because I was offended. Sigh…this has become our reality!?!?

    • Sankeerth Reddy says:

      +Jonathan Villalba You realize it’s making fun of pc culture…

  6. Christian Schoff says:

    I actually want the Khal On The Wall.

  7. Jun hee Bae says:

    Was kinda worried about the flames being so close to the dreadlocks

  8. Cobra Kai says:

    Cash me outside! ????

  9. 19thHour says:

    Ok I wasn’t expecting it to devolve into a Jerry Springer clone!

  10. AijaBear says:

    Tooo soon. It will always be to soon for Hodor jokes. Lol

  11. Naomi Nguyen says:

    Why is Jason Momoa so FREAKIN’ HOT!!! ???

  12. Ethan Quan Nguyen says:

    “I am about to kill you again, Justin Bieber ” lol

  13. DravenGal says:

    Oh man, Kate never fails to surprise me! She is soooo good! ”I’m about to kill you again Justin Bieber!” I swear Olenna said that, but I am really tired.

  14. headoverheels88 says:

    “Go ahead and boo me, I LAUHVH it.

    Why don’t you KAhTCH me ouht-side………… I said KAhTCH me ouht-side.”

  15. Albert A. Alvarez says:

    I said caah me outside I feed off the haters! ? I’m?

  16. Billy Pilgrim says:

    Congrats Pete Davidson, you did not break character!

  17. Rob Burgess says:

    And coming up next: Do You Know More Than Jon Snow?

    • AnitaClue says:

      After that you can look forward to:

      6:00pm Are You Smarter Than Cersei Lannister? – this week’s contestant: little Lyanna Mormont
      6:30pm The Varys Springer Show – continuing his Dead Kings series, Varys will have three special guests: the Baratheon brothers!
      7:00pm Hands Off! – a docuseries about Hands of the Kings of Westeros, beginning with Orys Baratheon, HotK and rumored half-brother of Aegon I, and going all the way to Mace Tyrell who was HotK for King Tommen.
      8:00pm Tyrion’s Wining and Dining Travel Hour – making the most of Meereenese cuisine.
      9:00pm That’s So Stark – stories of redemption and ass kicking by the bloodline of Brandon the Builder. Winter is coming…for you!

    • Rob Burgess says:

      I would watch all of those. :0

  18. Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog says:

    LOL LOL Lost it at “Little Beard Twisties!”

  19. maryinsanfrancisco says:

    “You ruined my potato sack!” ?

  20. Daniel Romero says:

    “you ruined my potato sack” lmao ?

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