Khalid – OTW (Official Video) ft. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign

Khalid – OTW (Official Video) ft. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign

Khalid feat. Ty Dolla $ign & 6LACK – OTW (Official Video) Out Now!

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58 Responses

  1. SANTO says:

    how many people love 6lack ?

  2. Kyno Wilbon says:

    6lack need to quit messin around and drop this album already…😒

  3. Vendela , says:

    6LACK’S part >>>

  4. breezy cook says:

    Me: knows that its pronounced black

    My brain: 6 lack

  5. D Ward says:

    Where da 80’s babies at yo

  6. Pencil Wisdom says:

    Love the outfit coordination

  7. Okay says:


  8. Alpha Martin says:

    Type in ” FUTURISTIC by ALPHA MARTIN ” … Issa vibe you will NOT regret!

    • Bryan Shang says:

      Alpha Martin I’ll check out your song mane
      Idk why people will choose not to check it out and say it’s “self advertising”
      It don’t cost you money to check even if it’s self advertising
      It’s good to HELP others no matter how small the help seems

    • Bryan Shang says:

      And for the record I checked out the song
      Y’all should get off his meat because he tried to use this comment section as a platform
      People have done worse for attention and y’all still sucking up to them

    • Randy Olmos says:

      Bryan Shang fuck up bitch we know you his manager

    • Bryan Shang says:

      Randy Olmos I’m not his manager sir… I just appreciate good music
      He’s out here trying to showcase his talent and you’re just being a turd

    • Thomas Maul says:

      Such a dope track

  9. IamAndrey Mbao says:

    Finally! A video for this song ❤

  10. Boy Toy says:

    As much as I’d like to give 6lack the praise he deserves (cos his line KILLER) but Dolla $ign’s line rings much more in my mind when I’m singing this song..And Khalid’s is the only part everybody sings to

  11. Little Biscuit says:

    this so lit and chill at the same time.

  12. Michelle Sutton says:

    6Lack looks so good in this 😍

  13. Paulina Cazares says:

    the in-sync clapping was a vibe

  14. f quint says:

    Love this video!!! Man, Khalid really is such a star, I’m so happy seeing all the success he’s getting!! 6lack too, he’s got such a natural chill vibe ugh I love both of them!!!

  15. Adnan A says:

    How are all of Khalid’s songs so good?!

  16. Sumukh says:

    ნlack 🔥

  17. BLAQK ! says:

    How many people has watched more than once?

  18. Nima Nwozo says:

    This song is so catchy. This trio needs to make more songs together🔥

  19. Corsair Vibe says:

    tbh 6LACK fine af (no homo)

  20. BD FILM says:

    6LACK 👍👍🔥🔥

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