Khamzat Chimaev is as good as advertised… | UFC 273 post-fight analysis

Khamzat Chimaev is as good as advertised… | UFC 273 post-fight analysis

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Chael Sonnen talks Khamzat Chimaev vs Gilbert Burns on this episode of Beyond the Fight

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All things UFC and MMA with the undefeated Bad Guy, Chael Sonnen. UFC Champions, Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Colby Covington, Khamzat Chimaev, the MMA hour and commentary on the latest UFC news, UFC Champions in 2022, UFC knockouts and finishes.

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41 Responses

  1. Chael Sonnen says:

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  2. SomeBlackGuy says:

    I don’t understand why people were counting Burns out. Dude almost knocked out Usman. His stand up is the most ferocious in the division and you don’t wanna go to the ground with him. A wrestlers worst nightmare.

    • BubbaJo says:

      Holy crap a YouTuber I actually know in a relatively small commenting community… good to see ya bruh

    • Ron says:

      hey I miss your internet presence

    • Jonah SD says:

      100% burns was khamzat’s biggest test everyone else will be a slightly easier fight other than maybe usman but khamzat beats Colby

    • Generic Gamer says:

      Never counted him out, I just hate the guy. I absolutely loathe his lay and pray bullshit. But I’ll also acknowledge I’m bias on it. But after that fight, I’ll put some respect on his name. True warriors they are.

  3. AcidGlow says:

    It was a pretty *intense* fight. Khamzat pushed all the way while still looking like he was about to lose. Exciting fight! 😨

    • K says:

      @Adi Grgic yeah also colby threw 400 like i said, usman is just that good defensively so he missed alot, against other people he lands at a much higher rate, no head movement khamzat will get Td off on all night

    • K says:

      @Adi Grgic colby would smoke burns aswell LOL

    • R4W2M0KE says:

      @redxpen thats because he should have lost in my opinion but the ufc saved there money fighter yet again.

  4. AdLP640 says:

    One of the best fights I’ve seen in a while, both men left it all in there. Khamzat truly is the real deal, burns is a true warrior. Nothing but respect for both men.

    • Nomaan Haque says:

      @Wildcard Not sure about whether or not that could last him 25 min when it barely made him last 10. Na he needs to improve upon something that is already great. He rushes amazingly I just wish we coulda seen the same vigor from round 1 in round 2 as well. I want him to be better as I too am a fan of his.

    • bigsloaner says:

      @Wildcard man I am a huge Khamzat fan but no his cardio did not look insane last night. I feel that Colby’s cardio is definitely better.

    • Thomas says:

      @Wildcard No, he needed better stamina, burns was done with two minutes to go in the fight, Chimaev didn’t even have the energy to take him down. I actually respect that chimaev knew his limitation for those last 2 minutes, and kept sticking and moving.

    • Wildcard says:

      @Nomaan Haque The hell you talking about? Borz already has the BEST cardio, stamina and gas tank in the division. It ain’t got NOTHING to do with that mate, it’s his pace.

    • James Pitts says:

      I think Chimaev has more to give, a little smarter training will allow him to access that in the future. If they rematch, I’m almost certain he finishes Gilbert. I agree, this is the best fight going back a while and 2021/22 has had a few barn burners!

  5. Ace Garison says:

    Gilbert had me worried for a bit. His look and energy looked bad towards the start, but seeing how Gilbert kept his head in the game was real heart. His 2nd round was amazing.

    • danielius says:

      that was exactly my thoughts, he really wears his emotion on his face in the fight i feel

    • Squada Bingo says:

      I agree. But i could tell he’s just cool as a cucumber after watching him in different scenarios. Cold as ice

  6. The Wiseguys TCG says:

    From my eye as a humble martial artist khamzat was “taking pictures” or being around too long after he landed. Every massive punch from gilbert that landed was a late hook after a miss from Khamzat. Easy for him to fix, and great showing from gilbert. Fight of the year so far for me. GREAT FIGHT 👊 !

    • Immaterial Man says:

      @shamos999 Khamzat has better wrestling that Colby

    • BoneAppleTea says:

      @MS I think he was gassed because he was throwing super hard, overextending. He was too excited and just wanted to brawl. His best moments were when he stuck to his jab, he’s got the reach and a strong as fuck jab. He even said afterwards in the presser that he was just pumped to brawl and his coaches were telling him to play it technical and not get carried away. I mean he gave no respect to burns punches he just thought “fuck it I’ll eat them and knock him out”

    • bigheadrhino says:

      @MS hmmm not sure about that, what Burns had was explosive counter punching. Chimaev showed that he can take a punch and that he will counter punch while getting hit with punches that would knock other fighters out cold. Colby doesn’t have that, and although he recovers well, Colby does get dropped when tagged. If Colby exchanges with Borz, he will likely get hit in the middle of his flurry. Khamzat’s wrestling may still be good enough to negate Colby’s, they actually kind of have a similar style except Colby has a faster pace but every one of Khamzat’s punches can cause a knockdown. But Khamzat was pressuring and theowing power shots the entire fight while getting hammered. By no means did he show weakness in cardio.

    • King James says:

      @MS I was rooting for Borz, but was so worried about the fight because in the fight game anyone could get knocked out at any time. I never understood why they would count Burns out like that. I think this fight was great, but more importantly I think it will make Borz much more intelligent and disciplined for future fights. He will use his strengths and leverage his opponents weaknesses.

    • George Avery says:

      @MS I disagree with your Colby comment … chimaev will learn from this and fix holes in his game that we’re revealed last night . That being said once he fights Colby he will be ready for 5 rounds of cardio but I don’t see it going that far khamzat is too powerful and long for Colby

  7. SamuraiBirds says:

    Started MMA in 2016, ranked #11 and putting up such a performance against the #2 in the division. Gilbert was ranked that high for a reason, an absolute warrior. Before this fight I was not a big fan of Chimaev but I can’t say that I don’t respect a man who fights for a better future for his family and mother. Growing up during the first Chechen war, moving to Sweden while dedicating his fighting career to his mom in order to make money for the family. Sharing meals with the homeless in Sweden, not even asking for attention but doing it out of goodwill. He knows how to promote himself but from the inside he’s humble and its clear that taking care of his family through a fighting career has been his primary goal at all times, as he once stated. Its also great that he shows self-critique and is willing to apologize for former comments, not a lot of people have the guts to admit they were wrong.

    • Keegan Roy says:

      I agree. One thing about him though is he has been fairly transparent throughout, unlike someone like Conor, that he still has respect for the people even while on the podium talking about “smeshing their faces” or that he is in it for his family and the money. If you watched the pre-fight vlogs and stuff most of the weigh-ins and face offs were competitive but good natured. Or like after beating Li Jingliang and now Burns, immediately giving them their props. I’m just curious what the dynamic will be like when he’s pitted against someone playing the “bad guy” like Colby Convington.

  8. A H says:

    This just made me really appreciate Khabib. How do you not bleed in this sport, especially against prime Rda, Barboza, Dustin, Gaethje or Connor, all amazing strikers.

    • ONLYFILES says:

      Just shows u how good khabib really was it’s so easy to get a cut in ufc

    • Lenome says:

      @Ibrahim Delic Only a few bjj guys got to the top, usually they are dominated by wrestlers.

    • Rem Ningting says:

      Khabib is at different level.. he was composed and calm and overall what impressed is his fight IQ able to process all the techniques from his head to toe during the fight and able to change direction of the fight.. Look at in justin gaethe .. how quick he was able to process his fight IQ to switch from armbar to triangle choke and when justin about to lift up for the slam and Khabib quickly wrapped his hand around gaethe legs.. surely Khabib is at different level.

    • Jules says:

      Khabib is a pocket rocket. Guy is very dense and thick skinned

    • Zo Ro says:

      @Billy GoldBlum you shameless liar.
      Khabib fought RDA in his 6th fight and ragdolled him, after that RDA became champ and had 10th winstreak and outgrappled Colby.

  9. Harrison Ritchie says:

    Khamzat will easily learn from this fight I believe, he’s going to turn into a whole new level I believe. This fight humbled him for sure! Great fight nevertheless 💪

  10. Mack James says:

    Potential fight of the year. Would love to see a rematch between the two, maybe at five rounds. I know Burns technically lost, but I wasn’t really a fan of his before that performance. Will definitely be watching him closer. Hard to say anyone really lost this time around.

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