Khamzat Chimaev: ‘They Have to Give Me That Title If I Smash Everyone’ | UFC 273

Khamzat Chimaev: ‘They Have to Give Me That Title If I Smash Everyone’ | UFC 273

Hear from welterweight Khamzat Chimaev at his pre-fight press conference during Wednesday’s media day in Jacksonville ahead of his UFC 273 matchup with former title challenger Gilbert Burns.

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44 Responses

  1. ThisOffendsMeTV says:

    I haven’t been hyped to see a dude fight like this since Jones took over the LHW division. Before that, was GSP vs Hughes 3 and seeing him dominate Matt the way he did. Khamzat is special.

  2. RADAL says:

    Imagine: Khamzat grabs Burns like he did with Jingliang, carries him to his own corner, throws him to the ground, looks Kamaru Usman in his eyes and says “you are next brader”

  3. Fierysaint1 says:

    Now that was a demonstration of the purest form of 100% confidence! Haven’t seen that since Khabib Nurmagomedov.

    • shxt happens says:

      You should step in the ring with Max Holloway so he can change your close-minded self. 🤡

    • Gerardo Portillo says:

      @Gabriel Mena18 years, 26days, 3 hours, 45 minutes

    • derpy memes says:

      @S K actually khabib and his father had a plan to fight gsp and then fight the welterweight champion and get the belt.

    • Gabriel Mena says:

      @Gerardo Portillo how long you been watching MMA?

    • C. Anderson says:

      @MeetiMian he already did what khabib never did ..khamzat ktfo of a someone with undefeated grappling skills better than his own…khabib never even faced anyone in mma who had equal or better grappling than him…that was khabib and his father’s carnival smoke and mirrors gimmick that made him millions without being put in deep water. Funny thing is the world champion that khamzat destroyed his career was from Dagestan 😁. He still begging for a rematch.

  4. Kyle Konopka says:

    “This is not Jiu Jitsu, this is not wrestling this is MMA. This is fighting.” Banger line

    • Lenome says:

      @Myoga The Flea Tony was lucky his career did not finish earlier lol.

    • michel Ofelia says:

      Tony ferguson lost to elite lightweights except beniel dariush hes a bum .

    • Zgs Freaky says:

      @Myoga The Flea Lol we all saw what Gaethje did to Tony, just stop. The same Gaethje that got WORKED by Khabib and Poirier. Tony wouldve gotten destroyed.

    • MAT says:

      @Myoga The Flea Lol you don’t have to like Khabib but his haters just blatantly make up lies

    • Junaid Ahmed says:

      @Myoga The Flea if that’s what helps you Tony fans sleep at night then sure, but your boy has been dominated his last 3 fights and is about to get slept by chandler

  5. TA[P] Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    Man, if Chimaev actually wins convincingly against Burns, that will be scary for Usman. This will 1000% stop anyone saying anymore that Chimaev is a hype train.

    • Isaiah Turner says:

      @Israel Ramirez except everybody has been saying he should fight Colby way before burns was announced 😂 how will it be scary when usman knocked him out with a jab

    • Israel Ramirez says:

      They’re gonna say ” but what about colby?”🤣

  6. SkizVids says:

    I love how direct he is when answering questions, “Leon almost got beat by skinny Diaz”, “Colby calls the cops” lmao

  7. Haisum Jehangir says:

    9:30 KILLED ME when they ask him about Usman helping Burns and Khamzat says “with one arm?” 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Johnwayne1997 says:

    Straight killer. Couldn’t imagine getting into a street fight with this man.

  9. James Hughes says:

    He means and truly believes every word he says and I have a feeling he’s going to back it all up

  10. Olivier says:

    Man, if Chimaev actually wins convincingly against Burns, that will be scary for Usman. This will 1000% stop anyone saying anymore that Chimaev is a hype train.

    • Qam001 says:

      @Jacob khabib cried because of his dad. But then again, nothing wrong if Burns cried. The guy got emotional…that’s understandable. The amount The fighters put themselves through is not a joke

    • Jacob says:

      @Entrepreneur Extraordinaire You’re allowed to be emotional losing a title fight, it’s something people work their whole careers towards, decades of effort for that fight. Lets not forget Khabib cried after the Gaethje fight, and he was a champion… soo….

    • Chris Wrigley says:

      Burns is good but he’s wayyy smaller. Bit cherry picked imo, he was lightweight for a good time while khamzat is middleweight/welter

    • G-man Collections says:

      I think he’s for real. It’s time to find out. Burns is a beast. If khamzat smashes him, I’ll know for sure.

    • Ujiro Ikporo says:

      @Mister Marshall stop lying

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