Khloe Kardashian On The People v. O. J. Simpson

Khloe Kardashian On The People v. O. J. Simpson

Khloe discusses the accuracy of American Crime Story and her memories from that time.

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20 Responses

  1. Splotched says:

    stop giving these kardashian fuck heads airtime

  2. Brandon Donaldson says:

    i love the way she presents herself. confident and not awkward.

  3. AbdullahQ1993 says:

    People need to STFU. Khloe looks BOMB in here. Ya’ll are rude and need to
    get checked. Fugly as* trolls!

  4. annajeehee says:

    I like her look and outfit

  5. All Things Pentatonix says:

    “I’m more feel bad for” 2:02 wait what

  6. Robert Yoshida says:

    wtf is this

  7. Ayratown says:

    Dear James Corden
    I love your show, you are just amazing and I know you have to get people on
    your show… But pls… keep the quality on a certain level…(just dont
    even invite some people)

  8. Sujey says:

    Shup up, Khloe! You and your family are a disgrace for America. I can’t
    wait for your show(Keeping up With the Kardashians) gets cancelled. At
    least people are waking up when they booo your mom.. Hahahha. And to the
    people that will come here and tell me a “lecture”.. you’re just going to
    waste your time, on telling me that I’m wrong about the Kardashians clan. I
    will not come back and argue with you here, it’s irrelevant. End!

  9. Vincent Lachance says:

    Stop putting this trash on TV.

  10. TheCaymanRasta says:

    fuck I hate myself for even clicking on this video by accidemt

  11. Laura Anaya says:

    What chruch do this wicth attended the satanic voodoo chruch illuminati
    puppet you belong to your father Satan Jesus Christ is not your God you
    praise your father Satan with pride when you get to hell you wil, did it it
    in your tormented you sult …….

  12. SonnyL says:

    “Sensationalising the kardashian name”… wow. Still want somebody to
    explain to me why they’re on tv and relevant

  13. Oh Kay says:

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  14. rangga aditya says:

    i though she’s not kardashian’s child? …

  15. First Last says:

    Wow. Kloe looks great.

  16. mayhem mayhem says:

    thats oj daughter

  17. country cooter says:

    airtime can be bought. why? why? late late. you sold your soul to a
    kardashiass, done with you

  18. TrueJaguarPaw says:

    Fakest peeps ever. Lamar odom got energy vamped.

  19. Chris Norrbom says:

    O.J. Was innocent

  20. Valene Onasis says:

    church???…they no nothing about church…they are all satan’s spawn