Khloe Kardashian Reacts To Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Reuniting As Friends

Khloe Kardashian Reacts To Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Reuniting As Friends

Kim Kardashian Reveals Tristan Thompson Should Not Be Invited To True’s First Birthday.
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Inside Kylie Jenner’s Sad Life Since The Jordyn Woods Scandal

What a wild few weeks it’s been for Jordyn Woods! Yep after she was linked to Khloe Kardashian’s now EX Boyfriend Tristan Thompson. The world couldn’t stop talking about her, unsurprisingly the world couldn’t stop talking about Kylie Jenner either. She was put in a tough position being Khloe’s sister and also the aunty of Khloe and Tristans baby! On the other hand, Jordyn was Kylie’s closest friend and the pair were previously inseparable – so this whole situation was super hard for both of them. Jordyn was close to the rest of the Kardashian / Jenner clan too – which made the whole situation even more awkward. So up until just before the scandal, it’s clear to see how close Jordyn still was to the family. Well, since those unfortunate events involving Tristan and Jordyn there have been many reports of how much of the Kardashian Jenner clan won’t be able to forgive Jordyn. So, even if Kylie and Jordyn become friends again, if there’s ever a family event, it seems things are going to get awkward. Now, whom ever is to blame for what happened, there is no denying Jordyn has been through a lot. Well, now it’s looking like she may come out on top stay tuned as we share why!


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102 Responses

  1. Demi Batchelder says:

    The picture with Kris and jordyns mum and “Jordyn” isn’t Jordyn it’s her younger sister.

  2. kusuma talla says:

    Is it me or kendall is the only one staying away from this unnecessary drama..??

  3. Harshitamanglanii xx says:

    17 views 43 likes. *YouTube stop behaving like an alcoholic*

  4. Nila Skitt says:

    I feel sorry for Jordyn mainly due to her having so much shade from the Kardashian family

    • Jerrilyn Papilon says:

      +Jim_Pin men cheat all the damn time life goes on no one fucking died.

    • GaryDomaz says:

      Abby Smith Jordyn is Kylie’s friend- not Khloe’s.

    • tpamel says:

      +Jim_Pin coming from the karjenners, ESPECIALLY repeat misses-steal-your-man offender Khloe? Khloe can go kick rocks.
      – Who he allegedly “cheated” with is more “hurtful” than the fact that he cheated? Where was this same energy towards the randoms he cheats with? It’s okay for him to cheat as long as he does it with women not in her reach?
      – Where was Khloe “care” about a female friend’s feelings when she slept with their man? Of her own sister’s feelings when she slept with her sister’s rapper groupie? Maybe Kim didn’t care that Khloe slept with her toy, but did Khloe’s friends not care that Khloe slept with their man?
      – Khloe considers Jordyn as “close family” but she publicly drags, shades, and invoke a public condemnation campaign against this so-called close family? Over a thot who Khoe was already broken up with? Did Khloe just cyberbully a “close family” so she can play the “scorned victim” in order to save face that she was already a single mom shortly after her daughter was born? For a story line? Khloe has an ugly heart.

    • Jim_Pin says:

      Jerrilyn Papilon
      What? If you’re cheated on you have a right to be mad and upset, you may not feel that way but that doesn’t automatically mean others can’t.

    • Jim_Pin says:

      My problem is people think because Khloe’s a hypocrite she has no right to feel the way she does right now.

  5. Leneha Junsu says:

    The tea was so hot that it evaporated

  6. ScarlettP says:

    They reunited sooner than I thought they would, now this seems like a publicity stunt

  7. Just Me says:

    She did not admit they kissed; she stated he kissed her. This is why there is so much confusion. And nothing happened. This is such a ridiculous event. Especially considering all of the Kardashians, including Kris, have confirmed shady backgrounds. Jordyn, leave the Kardashians alone; you can do better.

    • K A E S E O L I N N I X O N says:

      Sophie Donnelly no she did. I get her point, but it was wrong of her to not remove herself from the situation knowing the various cheating scandal.

    • Pat Lewis says:

      Jo Freeman – the reason they are going after Jordon is because they feel betrayed by someone they considered a part of the family. The other women are unknown so although she was angry and hurt how was she supposed to confront them. Tristian is a waste of space. Wonder how his previous baby momma is feeling-karma.

    • Mr. Chapo 1978 says:

      Um it takes 2 to KISS.

    • Mr. Chapo 1978 says:

      She can do better? She’s a drug addict who stays out all night. She needs to go to REHAB.

  8. Riya Mehra says:

    Tristan is best at one thing… Providing major content for KUWTK ..much applaud to him

  9. B x says:

    why is this still a thing

    and also why am i watching this

  10. Grace says:

    Damn. Tristan is doing everything to get rid of the Kardashians.

  11. Roena Skates says:

    A Family of Homewreckers cannot “Forgive” a Homewrecker? How Cute!

  12. Kendal says:

    They shouldn’t let a man interfere with their friendship. Tristan didn’t break up with Khloe because of Jordyn.

    • local gemini says:

      Holly Welch And Khloe made another girl feel the exact same way,but no one ever felt bad for his other baby momma.. ?‍♀️

    • Prissy Lips says:

      +lulu lue right..some of the comments says that they allow people to treat them any kind of way…an it wasn’t just the leg thing the kiss too…Mr T.. was khloe ho man…J.. had no right to play save a Ho

    • aaaaasdfg123453 says:

      Yeah sure and you would be soooo chill if that happened to you. Please at least we have to be honest. I would lose my shit and its even worst if it happened with someone close to you

    • Hollow says:

      Look at all you losers arguing about some people that don’t even know y’all exist

    • Dorian Johnson says:

      Hollow right, and nor would they care if something happened to one of them but here they are obsessing over strangers.

  13. AJ says:

    I don’t think Jordyn and Kylie ever stopped being friends. I think Kylie knew her friend’s heart and in true friendships you do. Knowing Tristan I would have thought my friend let her guard down thinking, although, he is a known cheater he would have never targeted her. Her being drunk and unintentionally flirtatious, I admit, he took that as a sign. The kiss was to see if she was game. They had to stay low keyed with their friendship until the smoke cleared and I think that’s what they did. However, if I were Jordyn the dynamic would certainly be different because they handed her over to the wolves. The Kardashians are never that vocal, NOT EVER in a scandal. So you choose now to be so to someone you “claim” to love and consider family…Hell Nah!!! The shaded likes to certain post, the now deleted Kim & Malika video, and the flat out blame for breaking up your family when you of all people know that she knew firsthand your relationship was already over. So who were you trying to convince by being misleading? Your Cult following fanbase with hundreds of millions of followers. Yeah, Ok…I wouldn’t have any dealings with any of them beyond Kylie and that would be on a different platform as well. When people show you who they are, PLEASE believe them. Red Table Talk saved that girl.

    • Kinni Wright says:

      Jordon can be friends with whoever she wants. She doesn’t need the Kardashians permission.

    • Ain Lerato Michele says:

      I really appreciate your well expressed comment. How embarrassing to have all of this played out on social media from people in their 30s, directed at a 21 yo who wasn’t at fault. (Even if Jordyn had thoughtlessly or selfishly initiated the Kiss, wouldn’t be reason to tear her down, because it was only a kiss. And no, don’t kiss my person because it’s not cool. But 21 is still so young, they could’ve been gentler.) I am glad Jordyn will be just fine and had people who listened to her side. Because no matter how cute a guy is, with a history of cheating, and being the father of her best friend’s sister’s child, he would have Zero romantic appeal to her and most people in her situation…

    • Spooky hearts Gutierrez says:

      yep the kiss was the invite

    • La Toya Amos says:

      Kinni Wright o

    • DialoguesAndMonologues says:

      Exactly! Well said

  14. MaO Cat says:

    What I don’t get is why all the clan forgot how Scott betrayed Kourtney and still want him to be close to her

  15. Tocoya Witherspoon says:


  16. Cookie M says:

    Kendal is just ignorring all the drama?

    • Kinni Wright says:

      That’s exactly what Kylie should have done. She should have stayed out of it. By no means should Jordon’s home require her to listen to any of the Karjenners. Who wants to live somewhere that you could be kicked out of at any time. She is better where she is. Hope Jordon becomes super famous over this and the Kardsjens go away.

    • h ahmad says:

      Kendal is soooo me

    • Ashley Campbell says:

      Because every time she opens her mouth somebody says shut up we hate you LOL I feel for her though because it seems like she can’t do anything right to the public. And she seems like a nice girl that doesn’t mean any harm.

    • asiandramamama says:

      She’s nobody’s baby’s mama she is cool enough as is.

  17. Sefi says:

    At 0:47 that’s Jodie not Jordyn

  18. Jenny Mark says:

    Kendall is the calmest amongst them all!

  19. Jenny Mark says:

    Tristan with girls: “thank you, next”

  20. 123avnee says:

    everyone is talking about how kendall’s the only one keeping out of the drama, but helloo so is kourtneyy!!

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