Khloe, Kim, Kylie & Kourt Learn of Tristan-Jordyn Scandal | KUWTK | E!

Khloe, Kim, Kylie & Kourt Learn of Tristan-Jordyn Scandal | KUWTK | E!

The family goes into a frenzy when receiving news about the scandal involving Khloe’s then-BF Tristan & Kylie’s then-BFF Jordyn. See the actual moment on “KUWTK.”

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Khloe, Kim, Kylie & Kourtney Learn of Tristan-Jordyn Scandal | KUWTK | E!

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91 Responses

  1. Check It Out! says:

    Finally the episode everyone has been waiting for!

  2. ScarlettP says:

    I just don’t get why Jordyn didn’t tell Kylie, they had to find out from the media smh

    • F.R. F says:

      @Rachelle Bañuelos that the thing she said she didnt do it. If she didnt do anything why not tell that and why lie ??…..because she is a liar and did it.

    • Kathy Maddox says:

      Rachelle Bañuelos but supposedly she did nothing wrong…..

    • Kathy Maddox says:

      Savannah Pascal how do u know? we’re u there? Buying her a Mercedes and letting her live at Kylies mansion, giving her jobs, and taking her on free trips….that doesn’t sound like someone who was mistreated. She was ungrateful is what it seems!

    • Kathy Maddox says:

      Savannah Pascal used her for what? There’s nothing she has they don’t. lol! so ridiculous…smh!

    • Kathy Maddox says:

      K. B. pfft….happened fast? She was there til 7am!

  3. ScarlettP says:

    Lmao Kourtney walking in looking like a detective ?

  4. Nikita B says:

    The tea is about to be served ladiessss?

  5. missrajah 96 says:

    It’s about to go downnnnn!!…can’t wait for the drama to unfold. Not a huge fan of KUWTK but this drama is too interesting lol.

  6. mz k says:

    Do you know how long I’ve waited for them to talk about this.

  7. Jessica Caldera says:

    1:03 KOURTNEY STFU made me laugh I CANT OKAY KIMMY ????

  8. sofabangelica xx says:

    Kim always heard the tea in the middle of interview ? and I thought Kourt was in her house, turns out she was just in the other room lmao ? Kourtney stfu ??

    • tina baker says:

      You guys really believe it’s a reality show hun

    • LaRhonda Daniels says:

      @Ainka Ryan I said the same thing lol

    • jacksonofgot7asharrystyles timothéechalametownsme says:

      @Ainka Ryan they do pre-recording interviews for already filmed scenes all the time, it is normal that she heard news that are just happening, when she is doing that. Its like when you are in work and somebody just call you to say something is going on outside.

  9. Bangtan’s AMI says:

    The episode everyone has been waiting for? (even those who doesnt even watch and like KUWTK)

    • KpoppedByMyMicrowave says:

      @Tanya Krotowa but they didnt say anything about bts did they?

      lets make this short keep bts related things on bts related things and stop trying to bring it where it isnt necessary

    • Tanya Krotowa says:

      KpoppedByMyMicrowave she has the name connected with BTS that’s why I replied to HER/HIM comment by THIS reference as she/ he will understand. I know that one shouldn’t talk about BTS when it is not necessary. No need to teach me. I didn’t write my own comment about them I just replied. If I did you could tell me something. I know the so called ‘rules’ and follow them.

    • KpoppedByMyMicrowave says:

      @Tanya Krotowa “Armys wouldnt have told false” how is that relevant to anything?

      even the person who wrote the comment didnt reply anything back about bts because its unnecessary keep it on topic are u that obsessed with bts that u cant even do that simple thing

      and ik u know damn well armys are also one of the biggest liars in the kpop fandom so that makes u sound even more obsessed

    • Tanya Krotowa says:

      @KpoppedByMyMicrowave “Obsessed”?? Find another word. It is used 3 times already in your comments. “Obsessed” are sasaengs who follow, intrude their privacy, doorstep and being “paparazzi”. If you call ARMYs “the biggest liars” you had been “the biggest liar” too then as you say you used to be in the fandom. If you REALLY were in the fandom you would not have talked like that about the people whom you called ARMY and shared the same music and good/bad moments with. There is no logic. I see the behaviour of some Anti only.

  10. ky _ says:

    The camera crew guys face ?? they were like yesssss the tea is hawwwwwtttt ?

  11. Ishani Chakrabarty says:

    So Kim just happened to be on the interview set on both cheating occasions?

  12. Md Cg says:

    I feel like Kim “let’s see what the comments say”

  13. Nikira Carter says:

    Why is it all of sudden kim starts getting ‘news’ when she has her interviews?

  14. Lethabo MK says:

    Kim though saying stfu to Kourtney that moment killed me ???

  15. Vaibh K says:

    “I don’t know if we did or did not” like whaaat??

    • secret santa says:

      That’s a lie, Jordan cleared tht up on red table talk. Alot of what you’re seeing is scripted reactions

    • Krysii PhilCar says:

      yh that was sad fr. I think she was scared fr. cus like shes the only one here who can vouch for herself and as for the radio silence that was just sad. the whole thing is just sad. she should have told Kylie and then told the sisters like the moment it happened. secrets and lies destroy relationships and this is just a prime example

    • Danny Clarke says:

      Jordan is a liar. Fr fr

  16. dreamergirlbaby says:

    Jordyn crossed a boundary. I don’t care how comfortable I am with my friends and family boyfriend. I would never be that comfortable for me to have my legs between his or sit on his lap. Like no.

    • Petronilla Ouko says:

      @Dineo Mokgosi nope. But it makes it very hard to feel sorry for Khloe

    • cookie monster says:

      They we’re already broken up.
      They’re just allowing it to drag on t.v.

    • Danny Clarke says:

      So let’s stick up for whordan because she’s black? Everyone knows she was lying through her teeth gap at that red table. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    • F.R. F says:

      …And not with a man that has hurt your friend a few month before, friend that is the sister of your bestfriend. Why cant people understand that ? Why was she even hanging out with him the entire night even before going to that house ? That girl is low AF.

  17. T Essence says:

    *_”Kourtney, shut the f*ck up!”_*

    ???????? IM CRYING!!
    The way they speak to each other is so crazy

    • Stephanny Gomez says:

      That’s just how family speak to each. There’s a bit of an age gap between me and my sisters so I dont really receive it but they’re close in age and my sisters literally call each other the Spanish word for fa****. Is it messed up? Totally. But that’s family.

    • Maliha Haider says:

      T Essence wait whyd she even say that

    • Marjorie Zumann says:

      Maliha Haider bc Kourtney was interrupting what Khloe was saying. Kourt was outside with the paparazzis and the door was lock to get in.

    • T Essence says:

      Maliha Haider – Kim cursed Kourtney out because she kept talking and interrupting Khloe, while they were trying to hear what Khloe was saying.

  18. ML says:

    I think khloé is not suprise by the fact that Tristan was cheating again on her. I think she was more chocked by the fact that it was with Jordyn Who she considered like her own sister

    • F.R. F says:

      Exactly and that is what nobody can understand. Loosing a friend/sister is way worse than this guy. The people that dont understand that are those who dont get that friendship is almost above love

    • F.R. F says:

      @Melody Perry if your arent with your partner for two months its ok for one of your closest friend to hook up in secret with him/her for months ????? Waouh, ok. You are that kind of person

  19. Faa Martinez says:

    Kourtney: “Is someone coming?” *appears on the background*

  20. Lizzie McGuire says:

    1:03 kourtney shut the **** up
    *door opens loudly*
    _kourtney steps in, wearing a floor touching coat_

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