Kid battles through hiccups; performs AMAZING anthem

Kid battles through hiccups; performs AMAZING anthem

Last night 7-year-old Ethan battled through the hiccups to perform perhaps the greatest rendition of the Australian national anthem EVER SEEN. His reaction after the song is priceless.

The anthem was performed pre-game at an SA Power Networks Adelaide Bite game in the Australian Baseball League.

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20 Responses

  1. Tash Kash (DatBitch) says:

    He doesnt seem to give a fck lol

  2. Jamie Cole says:

    WHAT A LEGEND !!!!!!!!! the show must go on you rock mate

  3. No Originality says:

    hahahahaha, that was funny as hell

  4. Terblanche Rust says:

    funny but he sings terrible :P

  5. 21_SixtyNine says:

    should we give one fuck about this stupid little boy. he just overcame his
    hiccups. looks like an autistic child with cancer

  6. CzyWieszJak says:

    heheheh funy, amaaazing kid:). Regards from Poland.

  7. MrCrashmobile says:

    Girt by sea. Ridiculous, hiccups or not. GIRT???

  8. SparkyBoy says:

    I can just imagine the whole family gathering together and watching this
    over dinner in 20 years :)

  9. Gbx Daurennio says:

    *Русские есть го на мой канал епт*

  10. BlackLight Films says:

    I was waiting for him to say “Apparently!”

  11. Vi The King says:

    That was *hic* cute xd

  12. Skyrilla says:

    Nervous hiccuping? That’s pretty funny, kudos for keeping on going lol

  13. Mahesh Perera says:

    Well done!!!

  14. Sanjoob says:

    Lmao funniest shit I eva see, Australian baseball

  15. Yacine Maherzi says:

    so sweet

  16. christophe Baudu says:


  17. Sheri Macmahon says:

    That’s a true performer…. the show MUST go on!
    Good job kiddo!! :D

  18. Zaber Ansary Extras says:

    Give him some water already…

  19. Lukas Sebek says:

    Poor kiddo… 🙂 Excellent performance btw :D

  20. Horrendous Troll says:

    so annoying. he kept hiccuping while i was molesting him too