Kid Gets His Shot Blocked By His Coach

Kid Gets His Shot Blocked By His Coach

Coaching 101

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20 Responses

  1. Josh May says:

    Why dribble into traffic when there’s fully half the court with NO ONE ON IT!?!

  2. slip slipin says:

    teach him a lesson


    He’s never gonna make that mistake again tho lol

  4. anthony lach says:

    Thats racist he just did that because he was black! He din du nuffin.

  5. Brandon Ramos says:

    As a transgender pedophile this offends me

  6. fidorover says:

    WIFE: Hi, hunny, how was your day?
    COACH: Oh, ya know… I picked up your dry cleaning, paid the mortgage, snuffed the jump-shot of a 5-year-old so brutally it’ll haunt his dreams for the remainder of his days.
    WIFE: That’s nice. Spaghetti okay for dinner?
    COACH: Sounds good.

  7. LAN Evo says:

    What a good coach, he is teaching the kid that life’s not fair at a early age.

  8. J G says:

    looks like the kid was about to shoot the ball in the other teams basket, the coach was yelling ” no, no, noo” and blocked the ball

  9. BluuJay says:

    The kid was shooting in the other teams goal

  10. YoungMadlife 37 says:

    Uh uh uh huh let me think about something


  11. bluetextonwhitebg says:

    that kid went full retard.

  12. Ivon64719 says:

    How the fuck this video attracted Trump supporters wtf ?

  13. Pierson Ngo says:

    What a dumb kid. Even if he forgot what basket to shoot on his coach was still yelling no the whole time and the kid didn’t bother to look up or listen

  14. WAV YI says:

    Kids are fucking retarded

  15. Qwerty Is My Name says:

    “How to Ruin a Child’s Self Esteem”

  16. J Cole says:

    Every other Coach: *Dream Big Kids☺*


  17. ismael perdomo says:

    tis video racis, young boy was trying to achieve his goals but dang ol coach in white shirt wouldnt let him reach his goals of going to college. RIP young kid

  18. Noah Smith says:

    I’m not a huge basketball fan, (even though I’m 6’3 in my Sophmore year of high school) but, shouldn’t that have been a backcourt foul against that kid?

  19. Arch G says:

    How the fuck is this trending with merely 74k views….

  20. ProfessorJv says:

    What’s worse is that the vid is still vertical.

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