Kid Ink – Promise ft. Fetty Wap

Kid Ink – Promise ft. Fetty Wap

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20 Responses

  1. Brave Ntibashoboye says:

    Here b4 the 100k

  2. Jazmin Lykins says:

    i was not expecting the wedding i saw him with the other girls and im just
    like omg and then it comes to the wedding and i see all the girls he was
    talking to and now im just like awww thats so cute!!!!

  3. Evan Napier says:


  4. MyCoedie says:

    lol fetty looking like he ready to smack a bitch in this

  5. New York says:

    Fetty looks drugged up

  6. Dayron Gomez Reyes says:

    Hate the song but the video was great

  7. Takeyia Lopez says:

    fetty wap

  8. kingblack22ss says:


  9. Miracle Ekpin says:

    plot of the video is cool and music on point but I’m not with the simpin!

  10. Marvae Mahalick says:

    good vid

  11. Reuben Stephan says:

    Damn Mustard switched it up and did it again!!!

  12. awsomepossum99 says:

    Did he actually get married?

  13. Cool Nerd says:

    Heard this on radio once

  14. Tenzin Zingkha says:

    I hope yall know that this song came out last year and isnt new…

  15. OldTimes says:


  16. Chelsea Milne says:

    hottest collab ever killed it ♡

  17. Tamika Adkins says:

    Aye. Look at Sydney!!

  18. juninho Franca says:

    What’s up guys! Onde estão os BR? Dá um salve ae galera

  19. Youtube Universe says:

    here for fetty wap

  20. Vitaman D says: