Kid Letters: Tonight Show Desk Dance

Kid Letters: Tonight Show Desk Dance

Jimmy reads suggestions for improving The Tonight Show written by elementary school children.

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Kid Letters: Tonight Show Desk Dance

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20 Responses

  1. Dennis Y says:

    you’re cool now ;)

  2. Johnathan Kellie says:

    Jimmy is such a great guy. Here’s Jimmy answering letters from little
    kids! #jimmyfallon #thetonightshow

  3. Julia Salvador says:

    Jimmy how are you going to email a letter?

  4. MamaBear Angela says:

    I’m a Girl Scout leader and I hope he really bought 50 boxes from that girl
    – we take our cookie sales seriously! 😉
    My girls are going to want to send in letters now – great new segment!

  5. Maxwell Fong says:

    Was the ending song and dance from Mom Dancing?

  6. Brian Henderson says:

    Wow so many of these kids can’t spell simple words and some can’t even
    write “y” the right way round. No hate at all I’m just surprised. I guess
    there’s a reason why Americans are stereotyped to be “dumb”. 

  7. Sidounet CID says:

    That’s excellent and generous ! God bless Jimmy Fallon !

  8. Panthers1521 says:

    This guy wears nice suits

  9. Kimberly Fallon says:

    That wink drives ages from 13 and up nuts XD

  10. Stephen Cosner says:

    The ducks wearing tiny sunglasses at the end lmao. 

  11. Alex Bueno says:

    Today Children no longer writte on manuscript?

  12. TheWyldstalion says:

    I love Jimmy. So great

  13. supershinhwa says:

    O.M.G!!! That “Hello” with the wink just melt my heart Jimmy! 

  14. gramma m says:

    This would explain why little Johnny is so tired in school. My kids were
    always in bed by 9. His show starts at 11:30pm, what kind of parent lets
    kids stay up for TV?

  15. Rae Wright says:

    Jimmy is THE one!!!

  16. DBJULY83 says:

    scripted reality

  17. Voicu Violeta says:

    Ever since the Kidman interview I recognize Gavin Purcell’s laugh in the
    background :)))
    I like that even though he knows the jokes, Jimmy still makes him laugh out
    +The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon +Jimmy Fallon 

  18. kronvlat says:

    The only watchable late night show.

  19. Justin Kriegel says:

    Still not cool I lol’d

  20. Keith Balanis says:

    Pretty sad that their grammar and spelling is better than most internet
    trolls out there.