Kid Theater with Channing Tatum

Kid Theater with Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum and Jimmy read scenes written by elementary school kids where we gave them the title “Magic Mike” and they had to write the rest.

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Kid Theater with Channing Tatum

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19 Responses

  1. Girl from the Netherlands says:

    Goofballs :)

  2. manguy2000 says:

    Can someone tell these women to shut the fuck up?! It’s embarrassing.

  3. HermionePelekai says:

    That was so funny, those must be pretty clever kids if they performed the
    scene 1:1. I liked the first one best…I guess I’m just regular mike

  4. Myla Reid says:

    Subscribe on my channel and like my video and also comment and if I get 100
    subscribers I will do something special

  5. AleahKCH says:

    Oscars for everyone!!!!!

  6. Alexandra Ely says:

    “you challenging me 0.o ?”
    “so it’s a fun challenge 🙂 ”
    “Magic Mike!Magic Mike!”
    “Yes I am Magic Mike..I*m like regular Mike exept magic”
    laughed with tears all the way :)))))))

  7. HouseMDaddict says:


  8. IXM360 says:

    I used to hate Channing Tatum until i saw Foxcatcher. Now Ive seen this and
    he’s my hero

  9. Brittany Murillo says:

    Still Better than Twilight. Or the original Magic Mikes for that matter!
    Haha. This was so great!

  10. marvciputra says:

    WOW from this fun game, u really could see that Tatum’s acting chop is just

  11. percybeth05med says:

    oh my god im dying! this is hilarious!

  12. nai_d says:

    This is not written by kids, it’s written by comedy writers 

  13. Lady Krystal says:

    “Magic Bird, Come Fly With Me”. Let’s make this a real thing. 

  14. RavenLynn says:

    That has made my day! I’m crying tears of joy xD

  15. Gilbert Aldava says:

    More stories like this.. 

  16. Connie Thornley says:

    Let me blow on your forehead. Hahaha

  17. LuckyLegionN7 says:

    5:14 called it :)

  18. Vincent Chiaramonte says:

    its still pumping

  19. Flame Shadow says:

    looks like sombody cut off the bottom of jimmys tie