Kid Theater with Tom Hanks

Kid Theater with Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and Jimmy read scenes written by elementary school kids where we gave them the title “Bridge of Spies,” and they had to write the rest.

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Kid Theater with Tom Hanks

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20 Responses

  1. Cristina Paynes says:

    Love you guys! I love production people as well. <3

  2. caroline f says:

    why did he say elementary like that

  3. Angela Haaf says:


  4. Anonymous Anthropoid says:

    Tom Hanks Rules.

  5. ahmad saleh says:

    this is just hilarious >> love it

  6. dasophie99 says:

    The last one is perfect.

  7. Video by Dee says:

    Only Tom Hanks can lend gravitas towards Kid’s Theater.

  8. kmanflo says:

    Tom Hanks amazes me

  9. LoveGuruBlaire says:

    This is great!

  10. Marcio Zago says:

    Those are actually good scripts.

  11. Checkmate1138 says:

    Man, some of these make actually really good comedy scripts in the style of
    Abbot and Costello. Very impressed.

  12. anon03030605 says:

    damn these are freaking intelligent kids. like the second one even had a
    whole underlying running joke throughout which he, like a true comedy
    screenwriter, left completely unexplained. damn

  13. Choen Lee says:

    the first one’s pretty good.

  14. Abelhawk says:

    Those stories actually had pretty good structure for being written by

  15. SIK LEE says:

    This was Hilarious!!!

  16. KingCowdorah says:

    Elements of minimalism and absurdist theater? Fantastic! These scripts boil
    down the expected and unexpected and turn them on their heads. Eventually
    we are to question whether we ourselves are spies by watching these other
    spies. Who is the true spy who is not? We will never know, as the writers
    were sure to write nuance and ambiguity into their screenplay. The scripts
    reminisces on the fantastic Hitchcock “Rear Window”. As we ourselves are
    painted as voyeurs and possible spies. I give these vignettes 5/5 excellent
    direction and screenwriting. Along with fantastic performances.

  17. Pop Films says:

    Tom Hanks has the best laugh

  18. AdRiVaNe4 says:

    Lol so funny ??

  19. Eliana Jaimes says:

    Tom is such a natural, no wonder he’s one of the best actors.

  20. Saf One says:

    The writers of the first and the third are talented,this is to much for a
    kidz of 8 years old