Kids Pitch A New TV Show: ‘Strangest Things: The Golden Mysteries’

Kids Pitch A New TV Show: ‘Strangest Things: The Golden Mysteries’

After their box office smash ‘Teenage War,’ Stephen consults his think tank of children to produce a brand new show starring Brooke Shields, Jason Segel, Kathryn Hahn, Michael Shannon, Hugh Laurie, John Oliver, David Tennant, WIllem Dafoe, and Whoopi Goldberg.

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79 Responses

  1. Brennan Sullivan says:

    Holy shit that kid knew so much about the Beatles. That was insane!!

    • Brennan Sullivan says:

      czgibson “Never had a hit after they starting writing their own music” Alright, we’ll just sweep Hey Jude, one of the only songs to hold the number 1 spot on the charts both in the US and the UK for more than 9 weeks, under the rug, then. Sounds good.

    • Kilo Mintoni says:

      Jealous much starkey-dog?

    • czgibson says:

      Nick Starkey:

      There’s way too much foolishness in your post for a full response, but the facts speak for themselves on this one. (18x #1 singles, 19x #1 albums):

      “Once they started writing their own music, they stopped having hit songs because their music sucks.”

      As soon as you say something like that, you are more or less announcing to everyone that you are clueless. Or in your case, reminding us.

    • Eli says:

      Am I the only one that thought it was staged ..?

    • Sven Wirth says:

      Nick Starkey
      Yeah, that’s why nearly every important musician lists the eatles as his/hers Influence.

  2. Sarat Chandran Nair says:

    Hugh Laurie, John Oliver, Michael Shannon & David Tennant Vs. Willem Dafoe
    We need to have a full-length origin story prequel movie!!

  3. New Message says:

    That kid’s entire frame of reference is rooted in a 40 year old’s childhood… And when he mentioned Jack Daniels, I understood why.

    “Shon.. Did I ever * hic * tell you about The Beatles?

    “…. Yes, Dad… and you showed me your album of press clippings of Brooke Shields.”

    “Brooke Sheildsh? Let me tell you about..* hic * .. About Brooke Sheilds….”

  4. Sofia Venegas says:

    The best part was Joshua talking about The Beatles

  5. Keisha Lambarte says:


  6. Andrรฉ Johansen says:

    The whole time I was waiting for the real Jeff. Great ending.

  7. HulK TopF says:

    willem dafoe raping…. i didnt know i need that in my life, lmao xD

  8. trigunkwan says:

    I never knew I wanted or needed a John Oliver vs. Williem Dafoe rap battle until now.

  9. Francis Sreฤko Fabian says:

    There is hope for the world when 8 year olds are aware of the Beatles.

    • Barbyl W says:

      Si Thu Nyein as they should be! (How old are you?)

    • qhsperson says:

      At least the Beatles actually existed. There is that.

    • Patsy Bailey says:

      +Francis …if I may add my little story… I’ve been a nanny for twins for over 3 years now (they’re 10 y/o today). Two days a week we have to drive for at least half an hour. We’ve always played the game where I introduce them to a new band or type of music/genre for the ride, and when we’re home they can put them somewhere on their top 25 list (if they want to). The Beatles are no 1 on the list with one and no 2 with the other (Madness is his no 1 which is super funny to me as well)… and The Beatles were one of the first bands I’ve let them listen to. Isn’t that nice? A catchy song is a catchy song I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrew Nibbi says:


    • Earl Chatterton says:

      But they’re also aware of Nick Cannon so it’s not quite perfect

  10. Akshay Anand says:

    This is probably the funniest thing I have seen this year… Plus it has Hugh Laurie and the others… This is actual LOL material.

  11. Randi Matsuzaki says:

    ๐Ÿคฃ I love that you got Americaโ€™s new favorite British guys to play Americaโ€™s old favorite British guys.

  12. CarryingNoCross says:

    Come on Stephen, we all know the best Beatles album is Abbey Road!

    • Andrew Nibbi says:

      Wrong the best Beatles album is Led Zeppelin 4. Wait…

    • CarryingNoCross says:

      @Andrew Nibbi
      It’s not even the best Zeppelin album…

    • clumsiii says:

      Even though that kid was annoying…i really lover Rubber Soul too -next Abbey Road and Blue Jay Way. That’s not a record but still.

    • Dan Boyle says:

      No. I agree with him. Revolver was groundbreaking. They went to places no one ever had before.

    • CarryingNoCross says:

      Well, Revolver might have been the most groundbreaking but I just don’t think it’s their best. IMO the songwriting on Abbey Road, the feeling of completeness and maturity, the flow, etc. surpass their previous work.

  13. Ry Sun says:

    Stephen arguing with a six year old about The Beatles and losing.

  14. Justin O'Brien says:

    “Guys… I was available :(” Haww hah haaaa

  15. Alyson's Canvases says:

    Iโ€™d totally watch that show

  16. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    “You got a book you like, Joshua?”
    “A beetle book. _The Beetle: a Misunderstood Member of the Animal Kingdom.”_

  17. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    “Who else should be in this movie?”
    “Jeff Daniels.”
    What decade is this kid from? ๐Ÿคท Is he going to recommend Allan Sherman, next?

    • Alan Hope says:

      He’s an old guy born again into a kid’s body I swear. He goes toe to toe with Colbert on Beatles albums for fuck’s sake! WTF is this boy, Highlander or something?

    • Angela Siegfried says:

      Ya, I thought that he had been coached at first but he had that information down pat. He also suggested Hulu’s Handmaids Tale no less! I’m so glad he hasn’t seen that yet.

    • anrina says:

      that kid is amazing. and so darn cute wtf.

    • kyle magaro says:

      Haha maybe he just saw dumb and dumber or something. Tyler said Nick Cannon which I don’t even know what he saw him in.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      Next theyโ€™re going to say they want Harold Lloyd and Zasu Pitts.

  18. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    Oh my gosh! Yeah, John Oliver is a surprise, but you actually got _Hugh Laurie,_ too!

  19. Juliรกn Lรณpez-Sainz says:

    Rubber Soul is MY favorite Beatles album ;-; But Abbey Road is objectively their best.

  20. Jamie Town says:

    Tyler is my favorite person ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜„

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