Killer Mike Compares Bernie Sanders’ Values To Martin Luther King Jr.’s

Killer Mike Compares Bernie Sanders’ Values To Martin Luther King Jr.’s

After the 2016 Democratic Presidential Debate, Killer Mike tells Complex News’ Nadeska Alexis that we ‘deserve a president [who’s] in line and in principle with the greatest black person and the greatest American you’ve ever learned about, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’

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19 Responses

  1. Trent Carlson says:

    Haha this is so funny it’s absolutely lies ??

  2. Louis rodriguez says:

    Bernie ????????

  3. Enrique Sandoval says:

    Who will pay for all the free shit Bernie sanders is promising

  4. Chocolate Creampie says:

    her forehead over 9000

  5. Bernadette Hurst says:

    If you don’t believe Killer Mike, check out what Cornel West had to say
    about him. Bernie is the real deal and marched with MLK in the 60’s, long
    before he even thought about politics.

  6. Eisha says:

    great interview. Good questions with good answers #Bernie

  7. Vanity Vixen says:

    For Killer Mike to endorse Bernie Sanders, says a mouth full. I really hope
    they make Bernie the next president of the USA but something tells me the
    elite won’t let him

  8. Mitch Savoie says:

    I hate bernie sanders.

  9. Eric LaCore says:

    Great interview!!!!!!!!!

  10. Edmund A. says:


  11. Matthew- Player says:

    yall hear that fire he made with logic?

  12. Clutch Boy says:

    hes a socialist if hes elected im leaving the us

  13. Batpod05 says:

    @Clutch Boy


  14. FatalFishing99 says:

    Bernie sanders has never read a book on economics. how can Sander’s even
    pay for all those kids college? also gun control is the worst thing that
    can happen to america and national health care doesn’t work for large
    population look at Canada their health care is horrible. Young people are
    looking at Bernie because it benefits them.

  15. PhoenixBB says:

    I’m guessing he’s not actually a killer? Cause I have no idea who he is

  16. Jesus says:

    Killer Mike is a pretty fuckin cool dude.

  17. MicrowavePlaysMC says:

    65 likes of Trump lovers

  18. Clayton McClain says:

    compared to milk? WTF. wow you dem’s are F UP.

  19. Nicolas Trevino says:

    Lol Bernie is a joke, matin luther king hahahahahahah that’s fucking