Kim Clijsters gives man tennis skirt for hit at Wimbledon 2017

Kim Clijsters gives man tennis skirt for hit at Wimbledon 2017

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This is the official YouTube page of The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships), home of Wimbledon. The Championships 2017 will run from 3 July – 16 July.

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20 Responses

  1. Shin says:

    That guy is a team player, 10/10

  2. J2theBronze says:

    kind of annoying that every time they find someone to take their place on a court, either ball boy or spectator, that person has no idea how to play tennis, hit a ball and has absolutely no coordination whatsoever.

  3. Shirish Sharma says:

    I don’t like that umpire.Why he is telling game?

  4. chasunc03 says:

    What a good sport.

  5. That Girl That Girl says:

    omg so crazy! What a great memory for him.

  6. gp jk says:

    Kim always seemed like a lovely person. I really miss that era of women players with the Williamses, Clijsters, Justine Henin, Davenport, Sharapova, and Mauresmo at the tops of their game. This is great.

  7. james watson says:

    God I miss Kim.

  8. James Kammann says:

    Great to see Andrea Jaeger playing tennis in this match……

  9. John Miller says:

    Kim is so cute, even with the baby weight.

  10. misskit123 says:

    This is brilliant. Kim’s the best!

  11. Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez says:

    He can now say he played at Wimbledon.

  12. Jettro Tjie says:

    Just awesome! Great that the ladies gave the guy the chance to play along. That guy is a great sport to put on a skirt in front of an international audience for those 5 minutes!

  13. dayostical says:

    This is why I like Clijsters, she’s always ready to have fun and doesn’t take it too seriously. Yet she could hang with the best of them.

  14. minnie129 says:

    Love Kim. Great player, but always managed to see the fun side of life!

  15. Leslie Rosado says:

    Never thought Clijsters was so funny!

  16. Sushant Chaudhary says:

    This is what sports are all about. Fans and athletes messing with one another.😂😂😃

  17. jigglymabob says:

    the guy is T H I C C

  18. Duz111 says:

    What a good sport that guy was

  19. Mi Key says:

    yah.. she is the more favourite belgian tennis great that I love.. I mean I also love henin but… but..

  20. JuhQman says:

    It’s 2017 people, yet I’m still fat shaming this guy.

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